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The Washington Times By Rowan Scarborough - The Washington Times Iran has spent up to $100 billion in the past five years financing operations in Syria that were instrumental in keeping President Bashar Assad in power, according to a book on the hard-line Islamic theocracy’s vast business holdings and wealth. The e-book “Iran: The Rise of the Revolutionary Guards’ Financial Empire” estimates that the Islamic republic has paid nearly $100 million a year in salaries to a grab bag of mercenaries it sent to Syria under the direction of the notorious Quds force. Iran is meddling in Syria as the Shiite-dominated regime directs the largest arms buildup in its history, focusing on new missiles and ways to deploy forces into regional conflicts, such as Syria’s civil war. The e-book was released Wednesday by the Islamic republic’s largest internal dissident group — the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which includes...
Heat Street Germany’s top intelligence official has warned that the country faces an “explosive security situation” from terror that is greater than it has ever been. Hans-Georg Maassen, the president of the domestic intelligence service the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), said the threat is mainly posed by religious and political extremists acting in the name of Islam. However, extreme Right wing movements have also been stockpiling weapons in response to the surge in immigrants in Germany, according to Mr Maassen. He said this week: “There is a continuing high threat situation for Germany and German interests from Islamist terrorism.” The BfV estimates that the number of Islamic fundamentalists willing to use violence has grown substantially in Germany in recent years. It is now thought that at least 45,000 Islamists are in Germany – among them people willing to commit acts of terror or who would...

Iran’s Nuclear Deceit Home

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The Clarion Project By L. R. B. Mann, M.Sc Ph.D There is little if any doubt that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.  The two main categories of nuclear bombs they are working towards are exemplified by the first atomic bombs ever exploded: High-enriched uranium (<25 kg), suddenly assembled to form a critical mass (as used on Hiroshima in 1945), and Plutonium-239 (<10 kg) suddenly compressed several-fold to render it critical at its new higher density, as tested at Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico and then used on Nagasaki in 1945. The Encyclopedia Americana article on the subject of atomic bomb design, composed by eminent experts who had served at the heart of the USA nuclear weapons program, is surprisingly informative in regards to Iran’s aspirations. Natural uranium contains only 0.7% of the fissile isotope U-235 (the rest if made up of U-238, which is not fissile in ordinary reactors or...

US Marines Deployed In Syria To Combat ISIS

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International Business Times by Vishakha Sonawane Hundreds of U.S. Marine Corps troops have been deployed in Syria to fight the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, the U.S.-led coalition confirmed Thursday. "We are talking about an additional 400 or so forces in total, and they will be there for a temporary period," the coalition spokesman U.S. Air Force Colonel John Dorrian told Reuters. The forces — a Marines artillery unit and Army Rangers — arrived in the “last few days,” Dorrian reportedly said. The troops will work with local alliances in Syria, including the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Arab Coalition, he said, adding, the forces will not be given a frontline task. On Wednesday, the Washington Post was the first to report, citing defense officials, about the deployment. The forces are part of an amphibious task force of the 11th U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit that San Diego...
THE number of people stopped at ports, airports and international rail stations under counter-terrorism powers fell by almost a third last year, new figures show. Express Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which allows officers to question individuals entering or leaving the country, can be used to determine whether the person in question appears to be concerned in the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism.  Figures indicate there has been a sharp decline in deployment of the powers in recent years.  Home Office data released on Thursday show that in the year to the end of December, a total of 19,355 people were examined under Schedule 7 in Britain. This was a 30 per cent drop compared with 2015, when 27,530 stops were made, while the number has fallen from more than 85,000 in 2009/10.  Detentions following examinations decreased by 16 per cent, from 1,828 in the...
By: Homeland Security Today Staff Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly was asked Tuesday for information about directives in Trump’s original January 27 Executive Order, Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, which weren’t affected by the court's temporary restraining order (TRO). On February 3, a federal court issued a TRO preventing the enforcement of five specific sections of the original Executive Order, but several provisions of the original order were not subject to the TRO. In a letter to Kelly, Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY), a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and ranking member of the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, pointed out in a statement that “while a federal court issued a temporary restraining order preventing the enforcement of some of the Executive Order’s most controversial provisions, several significant sections of the original Executive Order were not affected by the TRO...
by Greg Myre - NPR WikiLeaks has released a huge trove of documents that reveal information about the CIA's cyber-espionage capabilities. Its hacking tools let it compromise computers, mobile phones and even TVs to use as spying devices. Transcript ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: WikiLeaks has published what it says are the CIA's secrets for hacking into computers, phones and even smart televisions. It's the site's first dump of U.S. intelligence documents since Donald Trump became president. NPR national security correspondent Greg Myre has more. GREG MYRE, BYLINE: The WikiLeaks claim is startling. It says it now possesses CIA software that can be used to break into almost any electronic device. Just one example is what the CIA apparently calls Weeping Angel, which involves a Samsung TV that connects to the Internet. The owner thinks the TV is turned off, but in reality, it's still on and is being used as a...

Former ISIS Recruit Now A Weapon Against Terrorism

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The Wall Street Journal By Nicole Hong Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn believe they have found a special weapon in their fight against terrorism: a young man named Mo.   Mo, a U.S. citizen whose full name is under seal, left New York City in the summer of 2014 to join Islamic State in Syria.   Mo, now 28 years old, quickly became disillusioned, he says now. Four months in, he sent an email to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “Please help me get home,” he wrote, according to court documents. “I’m fed up with this evil.”   While the FBI was still verifying the email, a civilian smuggler helped Mo escape and reach a U.S. State Department outpost in Turkey.   Authorities in November 2014 deported Mo back to Brooklyn, where he pleaded guilty to two terrorism charges. He told the FBI that he acted as a building guard for...
Business Standard Police have detained three people from Hoshangabad district Press Trust of India  |  Shajapur Ten people were injured, three of them seriously, in an IED blast on a passenger train near Jabdi station on Tuesday, in what is suspected to be a terror attack. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh told PTI that "the initial investigation suggests the blast is a terror attack and investigation is underway to unravel the conspiracy behind the incident."   Police have detained three persons from Pipariya town in Hoshangabad district.   Railway PRO, Indore, Jitendra Kumar Jayant said the explosion took place in a general coach of the train between 9.30 AM and 10 AM when it was on its way to Ujjain from Bhopal. Ratlam Divisional Railway Manager Manoj Sharma said 10 people were injured in the blast, three of them seriously. While two of the seriously injured were rushed to...

Troops find ISIS textbooks used to brainwash children

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By John Huddy - FoxNews.com The textbooks are titled “English for the Islamic State.” Iraqi troops found them at an orphanage when they liberated eastern Mosul in February. They are unlike other textbooks most people grew up with. The courses in reading, writing and arithmetic are also an introduction to war, jihadism and terrorism. In the alphabet, “B” is for battle, “G” for gun – with a picture of an AK-47. The letter “S” is for sniper, with a picture of, presumably, an ISIS fighter aiming his rifle. The letter “W”, or woman, shows an indiscernible black figure – presumably a burqa-clad female. And then there are the pictures of AK-47s and bombs used for math exercises.   While many people have seen videos of the so-called “cubs of the caliphate” executing people by shooting them in the head or cutting their throats, these textbooks illustrate ISIS’ indoctrination and brainwashing...
By Anna Fifield - Washington Post TOKYO — North Korea was practicing to strike United States military bases in Japan with its latest barrage of missiles, state media in Pyongyang reported Tuesday, and it appeared to be trying to outsmart a new American antimissile battery being deployed to South Korea by firing multiple rockets at once. Kim Jong Un presided over Monday’s launch of the four missiles, “feasting his eyes on the trails of ballistic rockets,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported in a statement that analysts called a “brazen declaration” of the country’s intent to strike enemies with a nuclear weapon if it came under attack. “If the United States or South Korea fires even a single flame inside North Korean territory, we will demolish the origin of the invasion and provocation with a nuclear tipped missile,” the KCNA statement said. The four ballistic missiles fired Monday morning...
The National Review by James Jay Carafano & Mike Gonzalez Whoever leaked a Department of Homeland Security document showing that children of immigrants raised in America radicalize at a higher rate than do their parents was clearly trying to thwart the Trump administration’s vetting plans. But what the leak accomplished was to confirm that our patriotic-assimilation system is broken to the point that it is now a national-security threat. That the DHS document was leaked to the main doyenne of liberal orthodoxy at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, was a further ironic twist. It was liberals who deliberately broke the system. The Trump administration is going to have to get the leakage situation under control, lest Obama-era embeds in the deep government sabotage all its projects. In the meantime, let’s follow the evidence where it leads. The document, leaked Thursday, is an assessment of the “radicalization of 88 foreign-born, U.S.-based persons who...

What to do 2017: Terrorism and extremism

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AEI | Foreign and Defense Policy Blog www.aei.org Terrorism continues to challenge US policy and US national security. Before there can be any comprehensive strategy to counter terror, it’s important for allies and adversaries alike to accept a single definition. Policymakers should recognize that the motivation for terror lays not only in grievance but also ideology. While the military can be used to deny safe-havens, it cannot alone delegitimize the ideology—religious or otherwise—motivating trans-national terror. What are we solving, and why does it matter?  The attacks on September 11, 2001 propelled terrorism to the forefront of US national security concerns. Not only do al Qaeda, its affiliates, and the Islamic State continue to attack American interests abroad, but each has sought to recruit Americans and stage attacks inside the United States. How to contain and defeat the challenge will be a primary question for the new administration. Nearly 15 and...
BBC News More than 300 people admitted to the US as refugees are being investigated by the FBI for potential terror-related activities, says the top law official. Attorney General Jeff Sessions pointed to this FBI probe to justify the new executive order banning travel from six mainly Muslim countries. The order, which puts a 90-day travel ban on Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, begins on 16 March. But Mr Sessions did not say how many of the 300 came from the banned countries. Nor did he say what the alleged offenses are or how many may face charges. A spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union told the BBC it was an assertion that "leaves many of us scratching our heads". "The Trump administration has offered up no proof behind this assertion, making it impossible to evaluate this claim without more information." Trump signs new travel-ban directive Will...
The Clarion Project The principal and deputy principal at a public boys’ high school in Sydney, Australia were removed from their positions after Education Department officials feared the administrators were breeding radicalization in their students, reported The Daily Mail. Non-Muslim staff at the Punchbowl Boys High School reported being threatened with beheading by Muslim students who declared they supported Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), among other verbal attacks. The majority of the student body is Muslim at the school. None of the threats were reported to the police by the principal or his deputy. Former Principal Chris Williams converted to Islam in 2014 and ran the school for the past two and a half years. He was described as having “actively hostile” relations with the police department and refused to allow police liaison officers access to the school during his tenure. Williams also refused to cooperate with a de-radicalization program. “Students were...

Counter-ISIS Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq

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U.S. Department of Defense From a Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve News Release SOUTHWEST ASIA, March 5, 2017 — U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria yesterday, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today. Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.   Strikes in Syria Coalition military forces conducted eight strikes consisting of eight engagements in Syria: -- Near Abu Kamal, a strike destroyed a weapons storage facility. -- Near Raqqah, two strikes engaged an ISIS staging area and damaged a supply route. -- Near Dayr Az Zawr, five strikes destroyed five oil well heads and an oil inlet manifold.   Strikes in Iraq Coalition military forces conducted five strikes consisting of 49 engagements in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government: -- Near Mosul,...
NEW YORK --ABC 7 Residents in Commack were unnerved by the allegations that inside a home on the quiet Ronde Drive, the FBI says lives a man preparing to strap a bomb to his chest and sacrifice himself for jihad."Officers said the guy was crazy. I have my grandchildren come here - it's very frightening for the neighborhood," said Sharon Ross. According to authorities, 26-year-old Elvis Redzepagic, a U.S. citizen, persistently traveled to the Middle East to try to join ISIS or another extremist group. Redzepagic made it to Turkey in 2015, Jordan last year, and even made it to the Syrian border.Prosecutors say when police arrested him on Feb. 2 for a minor, unrelated charge, he allegedly told them, "I'm going to leave this country, and I'm going to come back with an army - Islam is coming."The FBI said he also told various Facebook contacts, "I just don't...
Fox News Exclusive By Benjamin Hall OUTSKIRTS OF BAGHDAD –  Inside a low-slung concrete building ringed by blast walls and razor wire, unrepentant ISIS fighters awaiting execution told Fox News they killed and maimed innocent civilians under "license from God" while fighting alongside radical Americans and vowed the terror army can never be truly defeated. ISIS FIGHTERS TRY HIDING AMONG MOSUL FAMILIES Fox News was recently given exclusive access to prisoners, who spend their days behind yellow, steel doors and freely admit to killing hundreds of people as leaders of ISIS cells around the embattled country. Iraqi officials allowed the interviews in between interrogations of their own, aimed at understanding how the terror group operates. "I walked away, and called a number on my phone." - Abu Omar, describing how he detonated a car bomb that killed 100 Abu Omar, 25, told Fox News he oversaw a cell in Baghdad...

Islamic State Hid Training Camp in Tunnel

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The Wall Street Journal By Ben Kesling and Awadh Altaie Shooting range, obstacle course, mosque and clinic served to convert raw recruits into seasoned fighters MOSUL, Iraq—Islamic State built an obstacle course in an old railway tunnel where raw recruits crawled under barbed wire and scaled walls to begin their reshaping into seasoned fighters, according to Iraqi military officials who uncovered it. The training camp, nicknamed Palmyra after the Syrian city, stretched more than a mile long in the train tunnel outside this city, once the militants’ main Iraqi redoubt. The tunnel underwent extensive renovations, with tracks ripped out to make room for equipment including the obstacle course and a rudimentary shooting range. Islamic State recruits would run the course as instructors pocked the ground around them with gunfire, Iraqi soldiers say. “It’s one of the terrorists’ biggest camps,“ said Iraqi military spokesman Col. Abdul Ameer, who estimated that more...

Canadian Imams Call for Death of Jews

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by IPT News Some weak excuses are being offered after two Canadian imams attracted media attention for giving incendiary, anti-Semitic sermons. Ryerson University in Toronto announced it fired Ayman Elkasrawy from his teaching assistant position in the wake of reports he prayed for Allah to "purify" Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque "from the filth of the Jews." He also prayed that anyone who "displaced" Muslims be destroyed: "Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them, O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!" The Muslim Association of Canada suspended Elkasrawy, describing him as a "junior employee" whose sermon was "unauthorized." Toronto police are investigating Elkasrawy's remarks to determine whether his remarks constitute hate speech. Elkasrawy apologized in a Feb. 20 Twitter post, saying he misspoke. "I firmly believe that all human beings, Muslim, Jews and people of all and no faith, deserve to...