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By Katherine Lam | Fox News A Massachusetts police officer and an elderly woman were killed Sunday after a suspect attacked the officer with a rock, took his gun and shot him in the head and chest, officials said.Weymouth police officer Michael Chesna, 42, was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly before 8 a.m. The unidentified woman was fatally wounded by stray bullets in a nearby home. A suspect, identified as Emanuel Lopes, was in custody and was expected to be arraigned on two counts of homicide Monday. According to investigators, Lopes crashed a car he was driving and fled the scene on foot at approximately 7:30 a.m. Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Greg Connor said Chesna discovered Lopes vandalizing a nearby house. When the officer drew his gun and commanded Lopes to stop, the suspect allegedly attacked Chesna with the stone and struck him in the head. According...
The Kansas City Star By Glenn E. Rice, Ian Cummings, Katie Bernard And Max Londberg  Kansas City police on Sunday killed a man they say shot three police officers and had been a person of interest in the off-campus July 6 shooting death of a University of Missouri-Kansas City student.All three injured officers are expected to live.The harrowing events began just before noon at the Sky-Vu Motel on U.S. 40 and ended an hour later when the man came out of a house at 30th and Topping Avenue. All told, the suspect and police exchanged gunfire three different times.By 4:30 p.m., police continued an active investigation near 30th and Topping. Officers were seen with guns drawn. A specialty armored vehicle carrying about a half-dozen heavily armed officers was stationed outside a residence there. The home had yet to be cleared by police, a police spokesman said. There is no reason...
TribunistDuring an operation in Deh Bala, an area in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border, American Green Berets worked with three Afghan commando companies to combat ISIS in the region. The US military has confirmed that, during the operation, approximately 170 terrorists were killed in the ISIS capital, and the area is no longer in the hands of terrorists.The joint US-Afghan assault took place between April and was largely completed by early June. Around 600 Green Berets took part in the operation along with their Afghan counterparts. In the end, no allied casualties were reported.“This was one of the main green zones that did two things. One, it provided money, finance, logistics to ISIS and we’ve taken that away from them,” said Lt. Col. Josh Thiel, a representative for the US First Special Forces Group.“Additionally, ISIS was using this as a site to prepare and move high-profile attacks on Kabul and...
Trinidad Guardian Rosemarie SantPrime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is describing last Sunday’s triple murder on the Boardwalk in Chaguaramas as an act of “terrorism” and he is appealing to communities and citizens that if they know of people who are “arming themselves to let somebody know.”Last Sunday, Fabien Williams, Andrew Francis and Kadel Osbourne were shot dead on the Boardwalk, while eight-year-old Jakeem Moses, Keron Jones and Ian Brown were injured when gunmen sprayed bullets into a crowd as they targeted Williams. Yesterday, Rowley extended his sympathy to “all families that have experienced the effect of this tragedy.” But he also expressed concern that persons “must know somewhere who is armed, who is doing this and in defence of the community and the country, we need to let the authorities know who is doing this, so that some kind of response, an appropriate response, can take place.”He said it was...
Forbes Control Risks Contributor By Gillian ParkerDespite all efforts from the Nigerian government, and support by surrounding states, Boko Haram in northern Nigeria is far from defeated. This was proven once more on June 17, when at least 31 people were killed in explosions in the Damboa local government area (LGA) of Borno state.Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered greatly under the increase of Islamist militant attacks. The number of incidents rose from 317 in 2013 to 1,549 for the period April 2017 to April 2018, according to Control Risks’ report Changing patterns in the terrorist threat to business. In West Africa, where 36% of the incidents were reported, Nigeria suffered most (220 incidents), followed by Mali (194) and Cameroon (96). While not all incidents can be attributed to Boko Haram, the continued strengths of the extremists group is now starting to turn the public opinion against President Muhammadu Buhari.Buhari is likely...