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Palm Beach Post PALM BEACH GARDENS - A Jupiter teenager said his Muslim faith led him to fatally stab a boy on his 13th birthday and injure two others at a sleepover Sunday night in BallenIsles Country Club, Palm Beach Gardens police said during a 2 p.m. news conference.Corey Johnson, 17, was arrested Monday after he reportedly confessed to stabbing the three people while he spent the night at a friend’s home in the gated community off PGA Boulevard. He faces one murder and two attempted-murder charges in the stabbings. The FBI also is investigating the attacks.Also Tuesday, Judge Daliah H. Weiss ordered Johnson be held in a juvenile detention center while a grand jury decides whether to charge him as an adult in the killing. Friends and family of the victims packed the juvenile courtroom Tuesday afternoon for the brief hearing. Johnson, who police said recently withdrew from William...

Six Counterterrorism Lessons From the Syrian Civil War

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LAWFARE By Daniel Byman It has been almost seven years since unrest in Syria began and spiraled into a civil war that has killed perhaps 500,000 people and displaced millions more. The war and associated diplomacy offer much to chew on, but the counterterrorism implications are particularly striking—for Syria is both a counterterrorism success and a counterterrorism failure. The Islamic State, one of the most vicious and powerful terrorist groups the world has ever seen, emerged out of the conflict. But the United States and its allies have also weakened the group and managed the terrorism threat. This mixed record offers many lessons for counterterrorism.    1.  Civil wars and terrorism go together.Syria illustrates how jihadists thrive on civil wars in the Muslim world. Although much is made about why individuals join terrorist groups (Are they alienated from society? Lacking jobs? And so on.), wars act as a “pull” factor. Europe,...

Seattle Man Pleads Guilty to Jihad Killing

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The Clarion Project Ali Muhammad Brown, a radicalized Muslim, pleaded guilty to killing a college student in New Jersey in 2014. Brown previously confessed to killing three people in Washington state in a terrorist spree in 2014, but has not made a plea in that case.At the time, Brown said the murders were retaliation for U.S. foreign policy. Two of his victims were targeted because of their homosexual orientation.Brown began the murder spree by killing Leroy Henderson in Seattle in a drive-by shooting April 27, 2014. He then lured Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young using a gay dating app and murdered them on June 1, 2014. The attack was the second anti-gay attack by a radical Muslim in the Seattle that year, after another extremist Islamist tried to burn down a nightclub frequented by gays on New Year’s Eve.Brown then escaped to N.J. and murdered 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin on June...
"The best place to hide a tree is in a forest."   by Soeren Kern "I'd like to know whose bright idea this was. It is ridiculous and not the business of a Government department. I can't see the Foreign Office promoting Christianity or the handing out of crosses." — Tory MP Andrew Bridgen in response to a decision by Foreign Office officials to give away taxpayer-funded Islamic headscarves, claiming they symbolized "liberation, respect and security." A review chaired by Professor Mona Siddiqui, a professor of Islam, proposed legislative changes that would require Muslim couples to undergo a civil marriage before or at the same time as their Islamic ceremony, to provide women with legal protection under British law. Nearly all those using Sharia councils were females seeking an Islamic divorce. "We, the United Kingdom, produced Jihadi John. Something in our cities and towns... have produced the most infamous terrorists....

Drone Swarms Are A Big Threat To Infantry

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iHLS The emergence of inexpensive small unmanned aircraft systems (sUASs) that operate without a human pilot has led to adversarial groups threatening deployed U.S. forces, especially infantry units. Although the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) are developing tactics and systems to counter single sUASs, a new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine emphasizes the need for developing countermeasures against multiple sUASs – organized in coordinated groups, swarms, and collaborative groups – which could be used much sooner than the Army anticipates.The committee that conducted the study developed a classified report that details its findings and recommendations, along with an unclassified public version that discusses key background issues presented in this news release, according to spacewar.com.“Hobby drones are easy to buy, their performance is improving dramatically, and their cost has dropped significantly; now with millions of them around the world, they pose a...