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The Telegraph by Lloyd Figgins the recent attacks in Westminster and Stockholm have highlighted the need for greater public vigilance. Not only in order to prevent attacks in the first place, but also to understand how to react once an attack is underway.A key part of this is what the security industry refers to as “situational awareness” and it’s an effective tool for those trained how to use it properly.However, situational awareness requires an understanding of what is normal in order that a baseline can be established and anomalies can be identified. In both Westminster and Stockholm vehicles were used as weapons. People expect to see vehicles on our streets, so how do we tell the difference between those going about their normal business and those with malicious intent? After all, those who would do us harm rely on the fact that they are able to blend in in order to...
By James Lint Senior Editor for In Cyber Defense and Contributor, In Homeland SecurityAfter writing a series of articles on ransomware, I started thinking about how ransomware could be used in a strategic attack nationwide, rather than the attacks we’ve seen so far on business and personal computers. While a hospital’s $17,000 payout to ransomware thieves is considered big news, the consequences of a national ransomware attack on U.S. computers would be even more devastating.Taking the tactical attack to the next logical level means a strategic attack that is bigger in impact and payout. Remember, the 9/11 Commission Final Report stated that the “most important failure” leading to the attacks was “one of imagination.” It concluded, “We do not believe leaders understood the gravity of the threat.”Former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, said: “[The attackers] penetrated the defenses of the most powerful nation in the...

How France Bred Terrorists

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Handelsblatt Global France is in the crosshairs of Islamist terrorists, many of them homegrown in the gritty suburbs of its big cities. The south in particular is seen as a breeding ground for jihadists. It’s a big issue in the presidential election. By Pierre Heumann and Sandra Louven The Jewish school of Ohr Torah in the southern French city of Toulouse resembles a military camp. It’s surrounded by a fence four meters high and topped with barbed wire. French soldiers guard the building around the clock. In 2012, Mohammed Merah, who was French and whose parents had Algerian roots, killed a rabbi and three children here in the first terrorist attack in France after 15 years of peace. “Five years on the French state still grants us this protection, which shows that something isn’t right,” said Marc Fridman, regional spokesman of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions. The south...
The Telegraph by Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent Counter terror police have undergone specialist training to prepare them to take out lorry drivers who are using their vehicles as weapons, it has been revealed.Armed officers have also been issued with high powered ammunition capable of penetrating armoured glass in a bid to ensure they can respond to the changing tactics of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) inspired terrorists. "I am confident... that an officer has the ability to fire at the cab of a lorry in order to bring it to a stop" Simon Chesterman, National Police Chief's Council lead on armed policingThe new training and equipment has been rolled out in a response to the terrorist outrages in Nice and Berlin, where Islamists used articulated lorries to drive into crowds causing mass loss of life and casualties.In order to combat the increasing terrorist threat, the number of...

Opinion: The ISIS antidote: The women of Afghanistan

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Fox News By Morgan Ortagus Afghanistan was back in the news last week, as President Trump authorized the use of the “MOAB” in Afghanistan to target ISIS-Khorasan enclaves. The MOAB was detonated in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan where ISIS has taken root and festered, attempting to continue the destabilization of Afghanistan.  So, now that America has taken action, what is in store next for Afghanistan?  That may still be difficult to answer, but I recently had a small glimpse into the spirit of the people, especially the women, of Afghanistan.A few days before the President’s new actions in Syria and Afghanistan, I visited Kabul, my first time back since December 2012. Riding through the bustling streets of the capital city, I noted how ordinary things can seem on the surface, in spite of the unstable environment.  I was on my way to the American University of Afghanistan...