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By Yonah Jeremy Bob   Could ISIS be planning to target Israelis with chemical weapons, especially as thousands of them will travel to Europe during Passover vacation in April, serving as convenient potential targets? With ISIS desperate and on the run, is there a heightened danger that the group will use chemical weapons against Israel or against European targets, including Jews and Israeli tourists there? The Prime Minister’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau (LOTAR) warned over the weekend that ISIS might be plotting to carry out chemical attacks in Europe in the coming months.LOTAR intends to issue a travel advisory to the tens of thousands of Israelis planning to vacation in Europe over Passover.   The bureau is particularly concerned with the possibility that, due to losses ISIS is sustaining in Iraq and Syria, foreign fighters there will return to their homes in Europe and carry out attacks along the lines of the...

Countering the Internet of Terrorism

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by Co-Authored by Col. Patrick M. Duggan Commander, Joint Base Myer-Hender son Hall Should you be scared of your new thermostat? Maybe, if it is WIFI-enabled and you haven’t secured it. Why? The next generation of terrorism is here, and it will use your connected devices – thermostats, fridges, lights, elevators, industrial controls, cars – even toys. These smart devices represent the latest pathways for tech-savvy terrorists to wreak chaos. But before unplugging everything you own to live off the grid, take heart in the fact, at least at the national level, we still have time to prepare. While traditional DoD counter-terrorism (CT) efforts have mainly emphasized direct action, future U.S. security measures must also adapt to harness the Internet of Things (IoT). Simply put, the IoT’s inexorable growth portends new methods for destruction but also provides new mechanisms for defense. These same IoT devices are as capable for U.S....

Counteracting Vehicles Used as Weapons [VIDEO]

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American Security Today By Tammy Waitt Guest Editorial by Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific, VP of Marketing & Sales On December 19, 2016, the news exploded with information about a vehicle attack on a Christmas market in Berlin that killed at least 12 and injured more than 50. Less than a month before, the U.S. State Department had warned about such attacks in public places throughout Europe, saying that extremist groups including the Islamic State and Al Qaeda were planning to focus on such locales during the Holiday Season. Indeed, both terrorist groups have called on followers to use trucks in particular to attack crowds. On July 14 (2016), a truck plowed into Bastille Day vacationers in Nice, France, killing 86 people. Four months later, on  November 28, 2016, a car ramming attack and mass stabbing occurred in the United States at 9:52 a.m. EST at Ohio State University’s Watts Hall. The attacker, Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali...
By Julian Sanchez - Defense One It’s a cliche of political scandals that “the coverup is worse than the crime”: Attempts to conceal misconduct, because they’re easier to prove and provide otherwise elusive evidence of a guilty mind, often end up being more politically damaging than the underlying misconduct would have been. In the case of the latest Wikileaks document dump, the first in a planned series from a cache the site has dubbed “Vault 7,” we have an apparent reversal of the formula: The un-coverup—the fact of the leak itself—is probably more significant than the substance of what has thus far been revealed. There are, of course, some points of real interest in the archive of documents, mostly concerning an array of hacking tools and software exploits developed or used by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Engineering Development Group—and it’s likely more will emerge as reporters and analysts churn through more than...
by Terror-Alert.com MOSUL: ISIS are facing defeat from the US-led coalition in the last stronghold in Iraq Jihadi thugs have been on the ropes in the city – the final stronghold of the death cult in Iraq. Iraqi Army forces and their US allies are sweeping through devastated streets and on the verge of retaking Mosul from ISIS. Fanatical fighters remain hunkered down in the city’s last jihadi controlled neighbourhoods – and the US have told them they are all going to die. The moves comes as US President Donald Trump announced 1,000 American soldiers are heading to the Middle East to beat the cult. Read more: http://terror-alert.com/news/isis-terrorists-issued-brutal-ultimatum-by-us-all-of-you-are-going-to-die?uid=53439...