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Integrating Islam or Islamizing Integration?

Posted by on in Terrorism
Gatestone Insitute by Josef Zbořil It is becoming increasingly evident that immigrants from Muslim countries do not spontaneously integrate. On the contrary, there has been a controlled Islamization of integration, rather than the other way around. The fear among Czechs is that such a trend will lead, within a few decades, to a dangerous demographic shift and ultimate theocratic totality in Europe as in the Middle East. The government of Singapore controls the interpretation of Islam and Muslim finances, to prevent them from being used for violence and jihad. If polls are to be trusted, one of the next countries most likely to follow Britain's lead and exit the European Union is the Czech Republic. In 2016, after the Brexit referendum, a mere 25% of the Czech public said it was satisfied with membership in the EU. There are three main reasons for this dissatisfaction. Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12100/integrating-islam-or-islamizing-integration...
By Hillary Vaughn - FOXBusiness A former chief information security officer (CISO) for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is blasting tech companies – like Microsoft – for making insecure computers and selling them to consumers.In an interview with FOX Business, Robert Bigman, former CIA CISO and current advisory board member at AppGuard, says bad computer operating systems are the biggest threat to cybersecurity. “I would love to name a company that’s really taking cybersecurity seriously. It’s all because frankly Microsoft and everyone else puts performance -- puts sexiness -- puts usability ahead of security.”Bigman says right now Microsoft, Apple and other companies are knowingly making insecure devices and he says – security programs are just adding a layer on top of an weak foundation. “None of the vendors here at this massive show are fixing that problem. They are all fixing the symptoms, right, but not the root cause,” says...
Futurism by Abby Norman You’ve probably heard of Transitions lenses that can adapt to changing light conditions. Now, get ready for facial recognition lenses.Police officers in Zhengzhou, China have been spotted wearing sunglasses equipped with facial recognition software that allows them to identify individuals in a crowd. These surveillance sunglasses were actually rolled out last year, but a recent report from China’s QQ published a series of photos of the glasses in action.China has consistently been ahead of the curve in terms of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for surveillance. The country’s CCTV system tracked down a BBC reporter in just seven minutes during a demonstration in 2017. But this new technology, developed by LLVision, takes China’s surveillance efforts to a whole new level. Not just in theory, either — reports from the official People’s Daily newspaper seem to indicate that it’s improving police work.Surveillance That Actually WorksWith the Lunar New...

What Exactly Is Terrorism? Why Words Matter

Posted by on in Terrorism
JewishPress.com by Abigail R. Esman It is a concept and a word that has shaped politics worldwide for decades, all the more since September 11: terrorism. But what does "terrorism" really mean, actually? And how well do most people understand it?Not very, it seems. Over the past year, in the face of last August's white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville and subsequent death of Heather Heyer, the mass shooting in Las Vegas last October, and multiple school shootings, people have increasingly taken to social media to demand that such episodes be declared terrorism. And while the Charlottesville killing has been treated as a terrorist incident, the others have not – often to the frustration of far left activists, so-called "millennials," and others.Now the recent serial bombings in Austin, Texas, have raised the issue once again. On Twitter, discussions have broken out questioning descriptions of bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, who killed himself...
AllAfrica.com By Stella CheronoDetails of a terrorist attack foiled by police last month show that al-Shabaab local operatives are increasingly posing a grave danger to Kenya.The plot by homegrown elements of the Somalia-based terrorist group targeted the Judiciary.Detectives are still processing the seized vehicles, which suicide bombers reportedly planned to use in the raid.Those familiar with the sophisticated plot say it shows the changing face of terrorism.The classic picture of AK47-wielding men with bushy beards behind a black flag is no longer the major focus in the war against violent extremism.Mr Tyrus Kamau Muya, a security consultant, says terrorism has evolved in recruitment, membership and tactics.TERRORIST"It is not easy to single out a recruit or recruiter. It is even more difficult because the stereotype of your typical terrorist has moved from an individual of Arabic or Somali extraction to just about anyone," Mr Kamau said. Read more: http://allafrica.com/stories/201804110253.html...