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By Anna Fifield - Washington Post TOKYO — North Korea was practicing to strike United States military bases in Japan with its latest barrage of missiles, state media in Pyongyang reported Tuesday, and it appeared to be trying to outsmart a new American antimissile battery being deployed to South Korea by firing multiple rockets at once. Kim Jong Un presided over Monday’s launch of the four missiles, “feasting his eyes on the trails of ballistic rockets,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported in a statement that analysts called a “brazen declaration” of the country’s intent to strike enemies with a nuclear weapon if it came under attack. “If the United States or South Korea fires even a single flame inside North Korean territory, we will demolish the origin of the invasion and provocation with a nuclear tipped missile,” the KCNA statement said. The four ballistic missiles fired Monday morning...
The National Review by James Jay Carafano & Mike Gonzalez Whoever leaked a Department of Homeland Security document showing that children of immigrants raised in America radicalize at a higher rate than do their parents was clearly trying to thwart the Trump administration’s vetting plans. But what the leak accomplished was to confirm that our patriotic-assimilation system is broken to the point that it is now a national-security threat. That the DHS document was leaked to the main doyenne of liberal orthodoxy at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, was a further ironic twist. It was liberals who deliberately broke the system. The Trump administration is going to have to get the leakage situation under control, lest Obama-era embeds in the deep government sabotage all its projects. In the meantime, let’s follow the evidence where it leads. The document, leaked Thursday, is an assessment of the “radicalization of 88 foreign-born, U.S.-based persons who...

What to do 2017: Terrorism and extremism

Posted by on in Terrorism
AEI | Foreign and Defense Policy Blog www.aei.org Terrorism continues to challenge US policy and US national security. Before there can be any comprehensive strategy to counter terror, it’s important for allies and adversaries alike to accept a single definition. Policymakers should recognize that the motivation for terror lays not only in grievance but also ideology. While the military can be used to deny safe-havens, it cannot alone delegitimize the ideology—religious or otherwise—motivating trans-national terror. What are we solving, and why does it matter?  The attacks on September 11, 2001 propelled terrorism to the forefront of US national security concerns. Not only do al Qaeda, its affiliates, and the Islamic State continue to attack American interests abroad, but each has sought to recruit Americans and stage attacks inside the United States. How to contain and defeat the challenge will be a primary question for the new administration. Nearly 15 and...
BBC News More than 300 people admitted to the US as refugees are being investigated by the FBI for potential terror-related activities, says the top law official. Attorney General Jeff Sessions pointed to this FBI probe to justify the new executive order banning travel from six mainly Muslim countries. The order, which puts a 90-day travel ban on Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, begins on 16 March. But Mr Sessions did not say how many of the 300 came from the banned countries. Nor did he say what the alleged offenses are or how many may face charges. A spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union told the BBC it was an assertion that "leaves many of us scratching our heads". "The Trump administration has offered up no proof behind this assertion, making it impossible to evaluate this claim without more information." Trump signs new travel-ban directive Will...
The Clarion Project The principal and deputy principal at a public boys’ high school in Sydney, Australia were removed from their positions after Education Department officials feared the administrators were breeding radicalization in their students, reported The Daily Mail. Non-Muslim staff at the Punchbowl Boys High School reported being threatened with beheading by Muslim students who declared they supported Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), among other verbal attacks. The majority of the student body is Muslim at the school. None of the threats were reported to the police by the principal or his deputy. Former Principal Chris Williams converted to Islam in 2014 and ran the school for the past two and a half years. He was described as having “actively hostile” relations with the police department and refused to allow police liaison officers access to the school during his tenure. Williams also refused to cooperate with a de-radicalization program. “Students were...