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ISIS Suspects In Overcrowded Syrian Prison Tell CBS News They're Americans

Northern Syria — A U.S.-backed Syrian militia running a prison packed with thousands of alleged ISIS fighters is struggling to keep control of the detainees. The prisoners want to return to their home countries, and their jailers warn that if something isn't done to relieve the burden, the accused terrorists could end up back in the fight.

The militia let CBS News correspondent Holly Williams and her team inside the high-security prison in northeast Syria — the first time a television camera has been allowed in. They wouldn't even permit video showing the outside of the facility, given the tense security situation in the region.

President Trump has called on European countries to bring home their nationals who joined ISIS in Syria, so it was a surprise for Williams to find prisoners who said they were American.

Williams said the prison is like the United Nations — she met people from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany — but everyone there is accused of joining ISIS. They signed up for an Islamic paradise but ended up living packed like sardines in cells, some of them with terrible injuries from the battlefield.

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