Is Iraq’s Nineveh boiling over?

The Jerusalem Post

A US service member was killed on a mission assisting Iraqi security forces

By Seth J. Frantzman
A US service member was killed during a mission with Iraqi Security Forces in Nineveh province in Iraq, reports indicated over the weekend.  However, US authorities say they cannot confirm details of the incident, pending an investigation, and that the name of the service member has been withheld until next of kin can be notified.

This is a rare casualty for US operations in Iraq, where ISIS was largely defeated in large scale battles in 2017. However over the last year and a half ISIS has attempted to establish a new foothold and a recent US report said that it is trying to build up its command and control networks. It exploits areas where there is either weak government control, such as the desert border with Syria, or where there are divisions between local authorities. One of these areas is Nineveh province.

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