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What is terrorism?

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The New Arab by Zohra El-Mokhtari What is terrorism? French, Tunisian and international legislation has not provided a clear definition of the word, and the UN struggles to define a concept that has meant different things to different people. So how is it possible to fight something that is so vaguely defined?Countries including France, Tunisia, Israel and the United States have often used the concept of "war on terror" without giving it much explanation.On 9 January 2016, while paying homage to the victims of the 2015 attack in the French supermarket Hypercacher, Prime Minister Emmanuel Valls repeated the phrases he had used in November 2015: "Those enemies who attack their co-citizens deserve no explanation. Because explaining would be the beginning of forgiveness."More recently, after the attacks that took place in Aude (though no longer prime minister), he pleaded for "a ban on Salafism". Like other presidents and prime ministers across...

American ‘ISIS Boy’ Turns Up in Kurdish Prison

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The evolution of terror: Anarchists to Al-Qaeda

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9news.com.au by Nick Pearson When Frenchman Emile Henry detonated a bomb in the middle of one of Paris' most popular cafes in 1894, he set the spark for a new kind of violence.Bloodshed was nothing new in the 1800s, a century which included the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War and countless colonial conquests.And specific acts of violence were hardly unusual either. Two US presidents had been successfully assassinated in the past 30 years.But what set Henry's attack apart was his target, according to Yale University historian John Merriman."His bomb in 1894 which he threw into the Café Terminus, what made it in my mind the first act of modern terror was that terrorists used to go after heads of state, like (President William) McKinley," Dr Merriman told nine.com.au."When Henry went out to kill, he was out to kill ordinary people, killing them because they were bourgeois."Henry was an anarchist,...
Fox News Hollie McKay RAQQA, Syria – The Syrian government and its Iran and Russian backers continue to rebuff staunchly any responsibility for chemical attacks in the war-ravaged country — of which there allegedly have been more than 50 since the war began — including last weekend in the city of Douma. Instead, they point the finger at opposition “terrorist” groups at having either “staged” the events or dispersed the chemicals themselves. And while the U.S. and allied French and U.K. officials collected irrefutable evidence linking the Assad regime to the recent attacks — prompting retaliatory action to take out their stockpiles early Saturday — the showdown has cast a renewed spotlight onto the chemical weapons use of non-state actors in the war-torn country. According to some experts, this latest development poses a perhaps even more direct threat on U.S. interests. “There has always been a sneaking suspicion that ISIS...
Minneapolis Star Tribune An atypical terror case comes to close with 20-year sentence By ERIC TUCKER and SADIE GURMAN Associated PressBALTIMORE — It was July 2015 when the FBI, scrambling to contain a surge in Islamic State group propaganda, first visited an Egyptian-American newspaper deliveryman in Maryland.Agents needed to ask Mohamed Elshinawy why his phone number had surfaced in an investigation involving ISIS extremists and how he came to receive a $1,000 Western Union transaction from Egypt.During hours of questioning, Elshinawy first suggested the money was from his mother. Next he said it was for an iPhone purchase for a friend. After being reminded it was a crime to lie to federal agents, he proceeded to tell a whole new story — that he had indeed received money from the Islamic State but that he was actually scamming the group instead of planning an attack.It was a pivotal moment in...
by Clarion ProjectA U.S.-led effort to get member states of the United Nations to take appropriate measures to combat terror travel was passed unanimously by the Security Council. Here are the solutions proposed by U.N. Security Council Resolution 2396 and the U.S.: Read more: https://clarionproject.org/us-leads-global-track-down-foreign-jihadis/...
89.3 WFPL The Kentucky Author ForumCounter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance’s book, “The Plot to Hack America,” was released a year and a half ago and has proven to be highly accurate in predicting the unfolding situation involving Russia’s plan to influence the 2016 election.Nance spoke at the University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum on April 5, 2018. He was interviewed by Ned Price of National Security Action. LISTEN HERE...

OHIO: 2 plead guilty in terrorism case

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By Jennifer Feehan  | BLADE STAFF WRITER Two men admitted in federal court Thursday that they provided money to a known terrorist. Brothers Sultane Roome Salim, 43, and Asif Ahmed Salim, 37, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to concealment of financing of terrorism. Asif Ahmed Salim, left, and Sultane Roome Salim. They each face up to eight years in a federal prison when they are sentenced later this year by Judge Jeffrey Helmick. As part of a plea agreement, Sultane also agreed to forfeit $21,595 that was seized from his bank account by federal agents in 2015. The brothers' pleas came a day after co-defendant Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad, 38, pleaded guilty to the same charge in a deal that calls for a 60-month prison sentence. Mohammad, like Asif Salim, already has spent nearly 30 months in jail awaiting trial, which was set to begin April 23. Both will receive credit...
NLTimes By Janene Pieters The municipality of Amsterdam learned important lessons from a large anti-terrorism drill held in the Dutch capital in November. One lesson is that the cooperation between the police and Defense must be improved, interim Amsterdam mayor Jozias van Aartsen said in a letter to the city council on Tuesday, AT5 reports.On November 8th and 9th a large-scale terrorism drill was held in Amsterdam. A scenario was simulated in which a group of armed men crashed into pedestrians with a truck. A large number of local and national emergency services participated in the drill, including the communal control room, units of special intervention service DSI, security units of Defense, crisis teams of the municipality and the police. Although intense work was done on cooperation between the police and Defense in case of a terrorist attack, the drill showed that the services have trouble working well together, according...
Daily Nation By Stella CheronoDetails of a terrorist attack foiled by police last month show that al-Shabaab local operatives are increasingly posing a grave danger to Kenya.The plot by homegrown elements of the Somalia-based terrorist group targeted the Judiciary.Detectives are still processing the seized vehicles, which suicide bombers reportedly planned to use in the raid.Those familiar with the sophisticated plot say it shows the changing face of terrorism.The classic picture of AK47-wielding men with bushy beards behind a black flag is no longer the major focus in the war against violent extremism.Mr Tyrus Kamau Muya, a security consultant, says terrorism has evolved in recruitment, membership and tactics. Read more: https://allafrica.com/stories/201804110253.html...
By: NewsOn6.com TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma -Charges have been filed against a Collinsville man police say admitted to having a hit list of Tulsa County employees. Jeffrey Leinen was arrested April 6 after his wife said he stuck a loaded firearm in her face and threatened to kill her.Police say that's when Leinen, a former Tulsa County employee, told them he had a list of county workers he intended to kill.He has been charged with feloniously pointing a firearm, planning an act of terrorism, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping. Read more: http://www.newson6.com/story/37934789/collinsville-man-charged-with-planning-act-of-terrorism-other-felonies...

Arizona governor: National Guard needed at border

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USA Today by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey The most fundamental responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. This is an issue for all governors, but it has added meaning and complexity for border governors.For those living with the consequences of Washington’s failures, border security isn’t a political issue, it’s a personal one. I’ve grieved with the widow of a rancher slain by an illegal immigrant and with the family members of agent Brian Terry, who was gunned down by cartel members 10 miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border. I’ve spent time with parents whose children’s lives were ruined by the drugs smuggled across our border.The majority of illegal drugs in this country come through our southern border. If you know someone impacted by drug addiction, there’s a good chance their last “hit” came from drugs that flowed through Arizona.For years, Americans, particularly in border states such as Arizona, have...
Express UK Syria MISSILE STRIKE 'within hours': RAF on ALERT for possible launch BRITISH and French forces could launch an imminent missile strike on Syria within a matter of hours, aviation monitors have revealed. By Joey MillarA coalition force could fire “air-to-ground or cruise missiles” in the wake of a horrifying chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria last week.Aviation experts AirLive have reported a “rapid alert notification” warning aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean to be wary of a sudden missile strike.AirLive said the alert was issued by Eurocontrol for a “possible launch … within the next 72 hours”.AirLive said: “According to reports, British forces are mobilising at their bases in Cyprus and Rafale fighter jets could takeoff from St Dizier airbase in France for possible strikes against Syria.” The Eurocontrol alert said: “Due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and/or cruise missiles within the...

Soldiers thwart suicide bombers in northeast Nigeria

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Fox News Associated Press BAUCHI, Nigeria –  A police official says Nigerian soldiers have foiled an attack by three female suicide bombers targeting the largest city in the country's northeast region.Victor Isuku, deputy superintendent of police in Borno state, said the assailants were spotted heading toward Maiduguri early Friday morning with bombs strapped to their bodies. He said soldiers shot at them and that two of their bombs exploded, killing all three.He said a police bomb disposal unit then detonated the unexploded bomb.Boko Haram frequently uses female suicide bombers. Its uprising has killed more than 20,000 people over seven years.The Nigeria-based militant group has recently stepped up attacks after a months-long lull. On Nov. 1, a car bomb targeted a military checkpoint on a road leading to Maiduguri, killing nine people. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/11/11/soldiers-thwart-suicide-bombers-in-northeast-nigeria.html...

An agenda for John Bolton

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The Washington Times  By Jed Babbin ANALYSIS/OPINION:When former U.N. ambassador John Bolton steps into the national security adviser’s job next week, the hyperventilating media would have you believe that the first thing on his “to-do” list is to start a nuclear war with North Korea and probably launch an attack on Iran just because we can. That’s nonsense.The media are terrified of Mr. Bolton because he is a conservative hawk and has made some very aggressive statements about the North Korean and Iranian regimes. He may be aggressive, but he’s neither crazy nor stupid.Mr. Bolton will be the president’s third national security adviser, after retired generals Mike Flynn and H. R. McMaster. Mr. Flynn’s tenure was so brief he couldn’t accomplish much, which can’t be said of Mr. McMaster. He and departing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson dissuaded the president from taking some of the most important actions necessary to...
Evening Standard by Patrick Grafton-Green Counter-terror officers have arrested a 55-year-old man who flew into Gatwick Airport from Morocco today.The suspect is being held on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications, police said.Scotland Yard said he was arrested shortly after 11am on Saturday and is in custody at a police station in south London.The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: "On Saturday April 7, detectives from the Met's counter-terrorism command arrested a 55-year-old man on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications, contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006."The man was later released on bail. Read more: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/counterterror-cops-arrest-man-55-on-suspicion-of-encouraging-terrorism-at-gatwick-airport-a3808221.html...
Haley also wants the council to vote Tuesday on a draft resolution to establish a new inquiry into who is to blame for chemical weapons use in Syria Reuters and DPA El Haaretz The United States "will respond" to a deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria regardless of whether the United Nations Security Council acts or not, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Monday. Haley also wants the council to vote Tuesday on a U.S. draft resolution to establish a new inquiry into who is to blame for using chemical weapons in Syria, diplomats said. "We have reached the moment when the world must see justice done," Haley told the council. The United States circulated a revised draft resolution to the 15-member council, which it first put forward on March 1, amid a warning from President Donald Trump that there would be a "big price to...

Marine Commando: Failure Was Never an Option

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The Clarion Project The senior leader of an elite Marine commando unit was awarded the Silver Star for his heroic actions that led to the rescue of dozens of hostages during the November 2015 Islamist terrorist attack on the Raddison Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali, the Marine Corps Times reported.Upon hearing of the attack, in which 170 were being held hostage, the commando devised a plan while en route to the hotel.    “There was very little time to respond. We fell back on what we had prepared for. There were points in which the situation became more intense, ambiguous and scary. At times, the situation we faced was confusing and difficult. However, our purpose was clear. That clarity and unity of purpose allowed us to navigate the ambiguity and manage our emotions to accomplish the mission at hand,” said the commando (who cannot be named) in a statement.On November 20,...
Afghan-Pakistani Cross-Border Terrorism Cuts Both WaysExploring on-the-ground reports of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan presence in Afghanistan. The Diplomat By Franz J. Marty KABUL — Reports about Afghan Taliban safe havens on Pakistani soil are abundant and such refuges are seen as crucial for the militants’ ability to sustain their insurgency inside Afghanistan. What is often overlooked is that some extremist groups, like the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), do the same, but in reverse – seeking shelter on the Afghan side of the border (which Kabul does not officially recognize) to launch assaults on the Pakistani side.While Pakistani officials have been making such accusations for years, they – unlike the allegations from Afghan and U.S. officials regarding Afghan insurgents hiding out on Pakistani soil – never really gained much traction or attention.That these Pakistani assertions are not smoke and mirrors was recently confirmed though. On March 7 a U.S. drone struck a TTP...
Los Angeles Times By Tracy Wilkinson The Trump administration on Monday urged the United Nations to open an investigation into an alleged chemical attack by Syrian government forces that killed scores of civilians outside Damascus.The United States also joined eight other countries to call for an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council for later Monday to consider the attack. Yet that body is unlikely to go beyond words of condemnation because Russia, which backs Syria’s President Bashar Assad, is expected to veto any Security Council resolution for bolder action.U.S. officials circulated a draft U.N. resolution on Monday to create an independent commission to investigate the attack on Saturday. More than 40  people were killed in Douma, the last rebel-held town in the eastern Ghouta enclave outside Damascus.First responders and pro-opposition rescuers said many of the dead appeared to have suffocated from poison gas. President Trump suggested that Syria, Iran...