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InHomelandSecurity.com NEW YORK (AP) — The swift conviction Monday of a New Jersey man in a mostly botched bombing mission in Manhattan last summer was labeled a victory against terrorism by law enforcement officials, but they urged continued vigilance.“It’s very obvious that this city remains a target,” said William F. Sweeney Jr., head of the city’s FBI office, at a news conference outside Manhattan federal court after a jury that deliberated about four hours over parts of two days convicted Ahmad Khan Rahimi of all eight charges against him.Sweeney credited hundreds of law enforcement officers in New Jersey and New York for an airtight case against the 29-year-old Afghanistan-born Rahimi. Evidence at his two-week trial showed he had set off a pipe bomb along a Marine Corps charity race in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, as a morning prelude to the Sept. 17, 2016, evening bombing in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood that...

ISIS Supporter Arrested Trying to Blow Up Florida Mall

Posted by on in Terrorism
By Clarion Project FBI counter-terrorism agents arrested a Miami man for attempting to detonate a bomb in the Dolphin Mall, the Miami Herald reported.A confidential informant tipped off the FBI about Vicente Solano’s intention to detonate a weapon of mass destruction at the large mall in Doral, a northern suburb of Miami.Although authorities believe he was acting alone, Solano made pro-Islamic State videos before setting off for the attack. He was arrested while planning to detonate a fake bomb he had acquired from undercover FBI agents.As of 2015, the FBI said they had ongoing terror investigations in all 50 states of the U.S. Read more: https://clarionproject.org/isis-supporter-arrested-trying-blow-florida-mall/...
Philly.com by Joseph A. Gambardello, Staff WriterPhiladelphia police counter-terrorism investigators are trying to identify a man who appears to have a habit of sneaking onto Center City rooftops.In one of two incidents in which the trespasser was caught on surveillance videos, he was spotted taking photos from the rooftop of the Dorchester Condominiums on Rittenhouse Square on Monday, police said. On Sept. 25, he forced a door to get onto the roof of the Sonesta Hotel, 1800 Market Street, with a tan, long-board style skateboard, according to police, who did not say if they knew what he did there,The suspect is a white male, in his late 20s or early 30s, about six feet tall, with shoulder length blond hair. He was wearing a blue jacket with a hood, blue jeans, and red and white New Balance sneakers and carrying a black backpack. Anyone with information is asked to call...

G7 fears terrorist influx after IS loses Raqqa

Posted by on in Terrorism
RFI - English By Christina Okello Interior ministers from the G7 group of leading nations discussed the fight against terrorism at a two-day conference in Italy that started on Thursday. They debated the spread of terrorist propaganda online and the threat posed by foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq following the defeats sustained by the Islamic State (IS) armed group.The G7 meeting comes days after US-backed forces took the Syrian city of Raqqa back from IS.Despite the breakthrough, British security services warned this week that the terror threat in the UK is higher than ever."This pace, together with the way extremists can exploit safe spaces online, can make threats harder to detect," Britain's spy chief Andrew Parker said Thursday, following a spate of attacks that have killed 36 people in the UK this year."I've heard a lot of times the definitive fall of Raqqa," Middle East expert Julien Theron...
Express ISIS are plotting a 9/11 style mass-casualty attack that will dwarf their most recent reign of terror in the west, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security has revealed. By Vincent Wood Elaine Duke, the acting secretary in charge of defending the US from terror attacks, warned small scale knife and vehicle attacks were only a means to gain funding from supporters and keep followers engaged in their unholy war.It comes as MI5 boss Andrew Parker warns the UK is facing an unprecedented threat from terrorists.Speaking at the US embassy in London, Ms Duke said: “The terrorist organisations, be it ISIS or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.“However, in the interim, they need to keep their finances flowing and they need to keep their visibility high and they need to keep their...

The terror group as brutal as ISIS

Posted by on in Terrorism
New York Post By Megan Palin, News.com.au A young girl accused of adultery is forced into a hole in the ground and buried up to her neck in front of about 1,000 spectators who have come to the football stadium to watch her death.Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, 13, pleads with her captors to “don’t kill me” before a truckload of stones is rolled in and about 50 fighters from the al-Shabaab militia start to hurl them toward her.She’s being punished for reporting that three men had raped her in the southern port city of Kismayo in Somalia.After about 10 minutes of Duholow being violently struck by stones, two nurses are instructed to dig her up and check if she’s still alive. She is. Barely. So they put her back into the hole and the men continue to pelt her with stones until she is dead. “This child suffered a horrendous death...

UK Has 20,000 People On Its Terror Radar

Posted by on in Terrorism
The Daily Caller by Jacob BojessonForeign CorrespondentThe terror threat in the United Kingdom continues to grow with more than 20,000 people investigated for possible terror ties, the head of the domestic intelligence service warned Tuesday.Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, warned that the threat from Islamist terrorists is evolving at a pace he has not seen during his 34 years at the agency. Over the past four years, 20 attacks have been foiled in the country and more than one terror-related arrest is on average recorded every day.“In 2017, with all that has happened and much that has not, it is clear that we are contending with an intense UK terrorist threat from Islamist extremists,” Parker said during a rare public speech. “That threat is multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly, and operating at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before.”Three major terror attacks have taken place in the country since...

This Is Where ISIS Was Discovered the Last Month

Posted by on in Terrorism
Look Where ISIS Was Discovered the Last Month Alone Clarion Project By Meira Svirsky The following infographic shows a frightening global look at the ISIS cells that were discovered from late September to late October of 2017   Take a closer look at https://clarionproject.org/isis-discovered-last-month-infog/...
CounterIEDReport.com A roadside bomb that killed an American soldier in Iraq this month was of a particularly lethal design not seen in six years, and its reappearance on the battlefield suggests that U.S. troops could again be facing a threat that bedeviled them at the height of the insurgency here, U.S. military officials said.The device was of a variety known as an explosively formed penetrator, or EFP, according to initial investigations, a weapon notorious for its destructive and deadly impact on armored vehicles and the service members inside them, two U.S. military officials said.EFPs were among the most lethal weapons faced by U.S. forces before a troop withdrawal in 2011. The devices were considered a hallmark of the Iranian-backed Shiite militias battling the U.S. occupation after the toppling of Saddam Hussein. But the technology used to make them proliferated, and cruder versions were also deployed by Sunni militants.U.S. military officials...
RT.COM The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has uncovered a ‘sleeper cell’ linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) that was active both in Moscow and the North Caucasus region, the Russian National Antiterrorist Committee said. Four members of the cell were detained. In Makhachkala, the capital of Russia’s southern Republic of Dagestan, security forces also discovered two extremist hideouts, where they found three ready-to-use improvised explosive devices. According to investigators, the members of the cell were plotting several potentially high-profile attacks in southern Russian regions, including explosions at public events as well as assaults on law enforcement officials and the military. Read more: https://www.rt.com/newsline/406704-russia-isis-cell-busted/...
Independent UKFall of city is a potent symbol of the movement's collapsing fortunesBy JOHN DAVISON US-backed militias have completely taken Isis' de facto capital, Raqqa, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Tuesday, in a major symbolic blow to the jihadist group.The fall of Raqqa, where Isis staged euphoric parades after its string of lightning victories in 2014, is a potent symbol of the movement's collapsing fortunes. The city was used as a base for the group to plan attacks abroad.The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias backed by a US-led international alliance, has been fighting Isis inside Raqqa since June.SOHR said 3,250 people were killed in the five-month battle, including 1,130 civilians. A witness said fighting appeared to be almost at an end with only sporadic bursts of gunfire.Militia fighters celebrated in the streets, chanted slogans from their vehicles and raised a...
DW After over two years, Berlin said it's still not ready to stop temporary passport controls at the Austrian border. The Interior Ministry cited fears of a terrorist attack and unbridled migration for the prolonged checks. Germany extended temporary passport controls on its border with Austria and for flights departing from Greece for an additional six months due to the prospect of irregular migration and terrorism, the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said Berlin notified the European Commission, the EU Council, the European Parliament president and interior ministers of the EU-Schengen states about its decision.Read more: Germany refugee limit 'legally sound, ethically questionable'"There continue to be shortcomings in the protection of the EU's external borders, as well as a significant amount of illegal migration within the Schengen zone," de Maiziere said. "A complete return to a Schengen zone without border checks will...
Minneapolis Star Tribune Ahmed AbdiKarin Eyow was among several hundred people killed when a truck driven by a suicide bomber exploded in a busy part of Mogadishu. The blast is the deadliest single terrorist attack in the East African nation's history. By Erin Adler Star Tribune A Bloomington father who aspired to work for the United Nations and rebuild his homeland of Somalia was visiting the country’s capital city Saturday when a terrorist attack took his life.Ahmed AbdiKarin Eyow was among several hundred people killed when a truck driven by a suicide bomber exploded in a busy part of Mogadishu. The blast is the deadliest single terrorist attack in the East African nation’s history.Eyow, 50, who was on a short trip to Kenya and Somalia, was in his hotel room when the blast went off, Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of CAIR-MN, said at a news conference Sunday afternoon.“We here...

Guilty verdict reached in Chelsea bombing trial

Posted by on in Terrorism
By NY1 News NEW YORK - The man accused of setting off a bomb in Chelsea in 2016 has been found guilty on all counts.Ahmad Rahimi now faces a mandatory sentence of life behind bars.Jurors returned the verdict late Monday morning.Thirty people were injured in September 2016 when police say a bomb planted by Rahimi went off on 23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues.Rahimi left another one that didn't explode four blocks north, and a third in New Jersey, which did not hurt anyone.Rahimi was arrested days later after a shootout with police in New Jersey.He pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.In a statement, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York said, in part, "Today’s verdict is a victory for New York City, a victory for America in its fight against terror, and a victory for all who believe in the cause of...
South China Morning Post by Christy Leung Hong Kong plans to set up anti-terror task force in response to global threatNew team headed by Security Bureau to share intelligence and planning across spectrum of law enforcement and disciplined services. Hong Kong is planning to set up its first anti-terrorism task force, drawn from the city’s police and other law enforcement agencies, to centralize intelligence gathering and sharing, sources have told the Post.Hundreds of officers from the disciplined forces, including immigration, customs and correctional services, will work together to boost Hong Kong’s preparedness and capability in light of global terror threats and attacks.A senior government source revealed that the Security Bureau would be taking the lead in creating new posts at law enforcement agencies, while the police force was looking into establishing a “counter-terrorism bureau”.Security experts welcomed the idea, saying it would address communication gaps and fragmented intelligence gathering. Chief Executive...
National Review by Oren Litwin The little-known, terror-financing, influence-buying SAAR network always manages to escape punishment. Under the Trump administration, American policy towards Islamist threats seems to be toughening. The Obama administration planned to award Countering Violent Extremism grants to Islamist groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood; in June, the Department of Homeland Security rescinded the grants. President Obama was widely seen as friendly to the Muslim Brotherhood; the current administration continues to advocate designating the Brotherhood itself (or perhaps smaller parts of it) as a terrorist entity. A reevaluation of America’s stance toward Islamist threats is welcome; we badly need to correct the many missteps of previous administrations. In particular, this gives the United States the opportunity to revisit the sordid case of the SAAR network — an organization of Islamist terror financiers in the United States that has inexplicably escaped punishment. The SAAR network is a web of...
Fox News The first public recording of high-pitched, cricket-like sounds out of Havana could be linked to the attacks on U.S. Embassy workers, according to a new report.The recording, first released by the Associated Press on Thursday, is reportedly one of several from Havana that first led investigators to believe a sonic weapon was involved.Of Americans affected in Cuba, not all of them reportedly heard the sounds. But some who did said, while not identical, that the recording was relatively consistent with what they heard.“That’s the sound,” one witness said. The recording, which has not yet provided much insight about what is harming diplomats, has been sent to the U.S. Navy for further examination. The Navy has advanced capabilities for analyzing acoustic signals.It is unclear whether the sounds are directly responsible for the attacks, which have been shown to cause hearing, cognitive, visual, balance, sleep, and other problems.At least 22...
National Review by Katherine Zimmerman We need a new strategy for defeating the Salafi–jihadi movement. Editor’s Note: The following piece is adapted from a report originally published by the American Enterprise Institute. It appears here with permission. America is losing the war on terror, yet many Americans think the United States is winning. The fact that there has been no attack on American soil on the scale of 9/11 has created a false sense of security. Dismissals of Orlando and San Bernardino as “lone wolf” attacks further the inaccurate narrative that al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) are somehow “on the run.” According to senior American officials, for at least seven years, those groups have been “on the run” — a “fact” that in itself demonstrates the falsity of U.S. pretensions to success. Tactical successes on battlefields in Iraq, Syria, and Libya add further to the...
SOFREP U.S. counter-terror official warns of Hezbollah threat to homeland By Travis AllenThe United States is offering millions of dollars in award money for information that could lead to the arrest of two Hezbollah leaders, a senior State Department official said yesterday.Nicholas Rasmussen, head of the National Counterterrorism Center in Washington D.C., also said Hezbollah has actors within the U.S. homeland as part of its ongoing global terrorism campaign. Read more: https://sofrep.com/91567/u-s-counter-terror-official-warns-hezbollah-threat-homeland/...
Counter IED Report Department of Justice: ISIS Sympathizer Arrested in Cranford, Plotting the “Next 9/11” with Two Accomplices The Department of Justice released details of a thwarted terror plot to attack New York City during the summer of 2016 on Friday. Three men, who were arrested in 2016 and 2017, planned to detonate bombs in Times Square and the New York City subway system and shoot civilians at concert venues in support of ISIS, according to the Department of Justice. The three arrested are Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 19-year-old Canadian citizen; Talha Haroon, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen residing in Pakistan; and Russell Salic, a 37-year-old Philippine citizen, the DOJ said. El Bahnasawy purchased bomb-making materials and helped secure a cabin within driving distance of the city where he planned to build the explosives, according to the DOJ.  Haroon allegedly made plans to travel from Pakistan to New York City to join El Bahnasawy in carrying...

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