Bio-Ethanol Plant Protected by SharpEye Flame Detectors


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The NESTE Oil Bio ethanol plant, constructed in the Port of Rotterdam, is equipped with SharpEye 40/40I and SharpEye 40/40M Optical Flame Detectors.The ongoing demand for environment friendly bio-fuels has created the need for dedicated extraction plants that produce the bio- fuels from various agricultural crops. Production of ethanol from corn is a growing trend all over the world. The ethanol serves as a clean burning fuel however due to its high flammability its production process requires special fast and reliable fire detection and suppression means.The SharpEye 40/40 line of optical flame detectors provide enhanced sensitivity and highest immunity to false alarms, thus making them the preferred fire protection solution for the modern bio-fuels industry.Spectrex, Inc. is the world leader in the Flame and Open Path Gas Detectors field. We are fully committed to enhance the safety of your employees, capital investments and to the environment. Being the first to launch major innovations that have become trade standards such as the first UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs, Spectrex continues to offer over 40 different Flame Detector designs to meet application challenges from Offshore to Mall Floors, from Alaska to Malaysia. Spectrex was first to incorporate the Xenon Flash in OPGD detectors to solve false alarm issues common in the industry. Today, over 28 major OPGD designs are offered by Spectrex for continuous hydrocarbon and toxic gas monitoring.For more information, please see

RamRodz™ Inc. Revolutionizes Gun Cleaning

RamRodz™ Inc. Revolutionizes Gun Cleaning

A slow and tedious job is now faster and easier than ever before


Woodstock, NY (January 24, 2014) - RamRodz™ Incorporated announces a revolutionary NEW line of gun barrel and breech cleaners. RamRodz™ provide a simple-to-use, all-purpose cleaning system that eliminates the need for cotton patches, rags and attachments. Mounted on 8" flexible bamboo handles and available in five common caliber sizes, RamRodz™ are ideal for cleaning all internal gun parts including barrels, bolts, slides, chambers, breeches, magazine housings and more. They feature specially designed industrial cotton tips that absorb solvents without dripping, expand deep into the rifling grooves and release solvent only when pressure is applied.

"RamRodz™ provide a far superior cleaning performance than existing methods without the splatter or mess," explains Ian Vinci, President of RamRodz™. "They are a disposable, inexpensive and versatile innovation that allows the user to clean areas of a firearm that simply cannot be reached with other products."


Available in six sizes including .22, .38/.357/9mm, .40, .45, .50 and a special 3" breech cleaner model, RamRodz™are perfect for cleaning virtually every component of a gun. A slow and tedious job is now faster and easier than ever before.


Made entirely from renewable resources, RamRodz™ are disposable and biodegradable. For information on RamRodz™ Rifle Adapters, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ask your local distributor for RamRodz™, or visit for more information.


Warning: Always unload your firearm before cleaning.


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RAMRODZ™ Incorporated is a new division of Innovative Products of America (IPA®) dedicated to a line of first time, unique and innovative gun accessory products. RamRodz™ Inc. operates out of 75,000 sq. ft. facility that houses full time manufacturing, production, sales, marketing, R&D and warehousing operations. For more information visit

Lenco Industries Completes 88 Unit Morocco Tactical Vehicle Contract

Affordable, purpose-built vehicles continue to offer protection worldwide.

Lenco Industries, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of armored police vehicles, recently completed delivery of 88 BearCat® armored vehicles to the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces. The BearCat® is part of Lenco’s line of light and medium armored response vehicles, which are used by hundreds of Specialized Tactical teams in the United States and abroad.
lenco_morocco_3With military grade armor materials, an open floor plan and a powerful 4x4 system, the BearCat® can easily accommodate 10 to 12 operators across rugged terrain. The BearCat can also reach speeds up to 90 Mph (145 Kph) for rapid response in critical incidents. Due to its ease of use, low maintenance costs, and innovative designs, the BearCat® is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to up-armored military vehicles around the globe.

The Moroccan Auxiliary Forces order included 5 different BearCat® variants, designed to address a variety of mission profiles. The BearCat® Riot Control model, which is specifically designed for international police forces, was among the variants. This BearCat® model is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic plow capable of moving cars, debris, and other barriers. The BearCat Riot Control variant also has protective screens on all windows and lights, fire suppression capabilities and several non-lethal options for hostile riot conditions. The remaining BearCat variants delivered to Morocco included Troop Transport, Communications, Convoy Protection and SWAT.

The Lenco BearCat APC is built on a commercially available chassis, which allows for warranty-covered repairs with maintenance and parts replacement through OEM dealers and truck centers. This greatly reduces lifecycle maintenance costs and training expenses when compared with specialized military vehicles. The armored trucks for the order were manufactured at Lenco’s primary facility in Pittsfield, MA.

About Lenco Industries, Inc.
Lenco Industries designs and manufactures armored tactical vehicles for Law Enforcement, Military and Government agencies located throughout the United States and allied nations around the globe. Lenco vehicles are trusted every day to protect our nation’s defenders and first responders in safeguarding our domestic homeland security, as well as downrange in hostile regions such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Lenco’s client base includes hundreds of Law Enforcement Special Response teams, including the Los Angeles Police, LA Sheriff SEB, Boston PD and the New York Police Department. Lenco is also a proud supplier to the US State Department, Department of Energy, US Air Force Global Strike Command, FBI, US Marshals and many other high profile federal agencies. Lenco’s product line includes the BearCat and larger BEAR armored vehicles, with several variants of each including the MedCat, BombCat, Riot Control, VIP and MRAP blast protected vehicles. For more information, visit

Steve Emerson Will be the Featured Speaker at Homeland Security Conference being Held in Orlando Florida - November 5-7, 2013

MIAMI, FL, May 24th, 2013 The Counter Terrorist Magazine is putting on its 8th annual conference in Orlando. This will be Florida's must-attend Homeland Security Conference, it promises to be the most important conference since its founding, bringing together up to 400 intelligence, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical personnel as well as military during three days of intense information exchange.

"We are proud of the speaker line-up and the quality of information that will be relayed to this years' participants" states Sol Bradman CEO of SSI


Steve Emerson
Mike Gordon
Dean Olsen
Steve Young
Richard Landes
James McGee
Detective Llewellyn Edwards
Peter L. Domenico
Jackie Bozeman
Henry Morgenstern

The conference was sold out last year with participants coming from all over Florida and several other states. This year it is expected to fill up fast and have a greater international scope in both the speakers and attendees that will be present.

The exposition portion of the conference has also developed an excellent reputation due to the quality of the vendors it attracts. The vendors are specially chosen to participate for their ability to provide important products and services that meet the needs of the participants. It is important for the participants to be up to date with the tools available in the market to achieve their missions safely.
This years' theme is International Terrorism, which given the situation in Iran and Syria may be more relevant than anyone wants it to be. An adviser to the Israeli Government has been invited to present on the likely threat scenarios that Iran has prepared should its push to get nuclear weapons be derailed by either Israel or the US. Speakers will show how poised Islamic Radicals are to striking the US, and offer up methods for recognizing, confronting and responding to these threats.

Visit the site to get full information and register now:

The conference fee is $399.00 with special group rates for a limited time only!

Special rates are available at the FLORIDA HOTEL - all available from the website.

For further information, go to or call

New SpotterRF Product Enables Install of 100 Acre, 360º Perimeter Security System in ONE Day

LAS VEGAS—ISC West—April 9, 2013— Typical perimeter security installations require weeks to install and integrate, but with the introduction of the new CC8A contact closure box and the Spotter C40 Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) this same job was completed in one day.

The Integration Partner installing the system reviewed many alternative solutions. He states, “In the process of specifying and implementing security solutions for our client, we entertained concepts and proposals from some of the largest names in the business. All of these ‘solutions’ would have required extensive additions to infrastructure, a very large number of individual components and weeks of installation and integration. After reviewing numerous proposals and demonstrations, we came to the conclusion that none of these approaches would provide the level of security and real time feedback we were looking for.”

SpotterRF personnel were invited to demonstrate the operation of the Spotters and within minutes of arriving on site were showing the detection and tracking capabilities of the C40. SpotterRF was then selected for the project and three weeks later returned to work with the integrator installing five C40 radars and the new CC8A for a highly sensitive luxury estate in a single day. The installed system protects 7,700 linear feet of perimeter, giving live feedback on walking personnel and vehicles in 100 acres around the estate.

The CC8A receives track information from each connected Spotter and allows the user to create and define alert zones on a web user interface that is similar to Google Maps. When the radar detects a moving object in the defined alert zone, the CC8A closes a dry contact and sends an urgent email or sounds an audible alert. This is all done to leverage existing investments in Video Management Systems (VMS), reducing retrofit costs.

The Integration Partner was pleased to affirm, “The SpotterRF system provides the real time monitoring and notification capabilities we require. After all was said and done, SpotterRF provided a simple, yet comprehensive solution that required a small fraction of the equipment, expense and complexity that others would have required to approach Spotter’s level of performance.”

See more on the SpotterRF CC8A contact closure box at

Spotter radar units come in four sizes, weighs as little as 1.5 lbs. each, use less energy than a light bulb (just 8W each), and communicates with Google Earth and an Internet connected PC, smartphone or tablet. Integration with existing IR cameras, video analytics, or other Intrusion Detection System (IDS) greatly reduces costs and increases effectiveness for protecting critical infrastructure.

About SpotterRF
SpotterRF provides the world’s most advanced compact surveillance radar (CSR) system for perimeter security and force protection. Made in the USA and engineered for extreme conditions, SpotterRF technology is the most compact, light-weight, energy efficient, and cost-effective radar for elite war-fighters and critical infrastructure requirements. For a data sheet, visit

Aimpoint launches new product addition to 9000 series


9000SC is now available in a night vision compatible version!  

Aimpoint, the originator and world leader in electronic red dot sighting technology, has announced the addition of a 9000 series sight to the company's product line - the new 9000SC-NV.

Ever since their introduction in 2005, market response to Aimpoint's 9000 series sights has been very strong, with wide acceptance by the hunting and sport shooting communities. The 9000SC's combination of a high quality optic at an affordable price has kept this sight in high demand.

During a product review session involving experienced users, it was determined that a hunting sight with night vision compatibility was desired. As a result, Aimpoint is proud to announce that the 9000SC-NV red dot has been added to the 9000 series of sights.

For a full version of the press release, please click on the link below:

Aimpoint New Product Announcement - 9000SC-NV

Product Image

Kristi Drawe

Aimpoint, Inc. 

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Military Product Development Benefits Hunters and Shooters

CHANTILLY, VA - Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in electronic red dot sighting technology, is now offering new optical mounts to give hunters and sport shooters the same advantages employed by military end users.  Recent Aimpoint military contracts including the US Navy's ECOS-O program, and the US Army's Sniper Quick Fire Sight (SQFS) program have highlighted the advantages of placing a non-magnified red dot sight onto magnified scopes.  This same concept is now being offered to the hunter or sport shooter who wants to add additional speed and performance to their existing magnified optics. 

"Anyone who has hunted with a magnified scope knows that it can be a challenge to get on target quickly, and even harder to engage targets that pop up at close range or one that is on the move." said Dave Pasienski, Director of Commercial Sales at Aimpoint.  "By adding a Micro H-1 sight to the magnified optic, hunters can vastly improve their performance and the capabilities of their scope."  

For a full version of the press release, please click on the link below:

Aimpoint Press Release - Scope Adapter



Kristi Drawe

Aimpoint, Inc.

Phone : (703) 263-9795 ext 226

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Products from Aimpoint® and Leupold® chosen for ECOS-O optics program

CHANTILLY, VA - Aimpoint, the originator and world leader in electronic red dot sighting technology, has been awarded an $8.7 million, five-year IDIQ contract by the U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Center - Crane Division for supply of sights and mounts for the Enhanced Combat Optical Sight - Optimized (ECOS-O) program. The ECOS-O integrated system combines the battle proven Aimpoint Micro T-1 sight with the Leupold® Mark 6® 3-18x44mm riflescope. This combination of optics allows operators to utilize the non-magnified red dot sight both as a primary optic, as well as a fast way to acquire targets for long range identification and engagement using the magnified Leupold scope.  

For a full version of the press release, please click on the link below:

Aimpoint Press Release ECOS-O


Kristi Drawe

Aimpoint, Inc.

Phone : (703) 263-9795 ext 226

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For thousands of years darkness was the ally of inferior forces. Over fifty years ago, that all changed with ITT Night Vision. morovision-nepvs-14Now, you can turn night into day with the Night Enforcer PVS-14. Handheld, helmet/head-mounted, weapons mounted, and camera adaptable, the NEPVS-14's versatility will increase your situational awareness, survivability, and operational capabilities. The Exelis Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14 is equipped with Exelis’ Gen 3 Pinnacle® thin-filmed tube technology. This enhanced image intensifying tube improves clarity and resolution, and allows for a seamless transition while operating in any environment. Exelis, formerly ITT Night Vision, has provided more Generation 3 night vision systems to our US military and allies around the world than all of its competitors combined. Morovision is the authorized Night Enforcer distributor for Exelis.