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France carries out raids, names more potential attackers

By Lori Hinnant and Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press PARIS (AP) -- French police raided 168 locations across the country and detained nearly two dozen people as authorities identified more members of a sleeper cell said to be behind the Paris attacks that killed 129 people. French and Belgian jihadis — and at least one potential Syrian member — were being implicated Monday in what was the worst attack on French soil since World War II. The mastermind is said to be a Belgian national linked to thwarted earlier attacks on a train and a French church. With France under a state of emergency that gives police special powers, the hunt continued for members of the cell that carried out last Friday's gun and bomb attacks. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said police arrested 23 people and recovered a Kalashnikov and other weapons during the overnight raids. Heavily armed Belgian police also...

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After Paris, We Need A Strategy To Fight Islamic Jihad

by Michael Ledeen I do not know for sure who masterminded and organized the terrorist assault on Paris, although most evidence points to ISIS. We will probably know a lot more in a few days. Multiple attacks require training and preparation, and the French killers clearly had both. They also require command and control. Could this have been outside Paris? I see there have been arrests in Brussels–is that where explosives came from? And perhaps the green light? Those of us who have been following terrorism for several decades will recognize the Parisian MO as textbook al Qaeda: Its first big time appearance in the terror war against the West came with the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The al Qaeda terrorists in East Africa were trained by Iran and Hezbollah, who had mastered that type of operation. We would later see the same pattern on 9/11...

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Ohio ISIS Supporter Plotted To Murder US Military Personnel

By Tim Marcin A man in Akron, Ohio, was arrested on federal charges he solicited the murders of United States military personnel, the U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday. The man declared his support on social media on numerous occasions for the Islamic State group and is accused of posting a file online that released the names of purported military members while calling for supporters to carry out their killings, according to an affidavit filed in the case. Terrence J. McNeil, 25, appeared in U.S. District Court in Cleveland after being charged with a count of solicitation of a crime of violence. On a Tumblr account, McNeil allegedly re-blogged a file with the banner “Islamic State Hacking Division,” which was followed by “Target: United States Military” and “Leak: Addresses of 100 U.S. Military Personnel,” according to an affidavit filed in the case. The GIF file, which plays a series of images on a loop, reads, “O Brothers in America, know that the jihad against the...

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US military is 'confident' it has killed 'Jihadi John' in an airstrike

by Mike Bird, Brett LoGiurato and Reuters The United States on Thursday carried out an airstrike in Syria targeting the Islamic State militant best known as "Jihadi John," who participated in gruesome videos of the killings of American and British hostages, officials said. The Pentagon said it was still evaluating the effectiveness of the strike in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of Islamic State. His real name was Mohammed Emwazi, and he was a British citizen and computer-programing graduate, hailing from a well-to-do London family. "U.S. forces conducted an airstrike in Raqqa, Syria, on Nov. 12, 2015 targeting Mohamed Emwazi, also known as 'Jihadi John,'" Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement Thursday evening."Emwazi, a British citizen, participated in the videos showing the murders of U.S. journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley, U.S. aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning, Japanese...

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U.S. Military Working to Prevent Weapons Shortfall in Islamic State, Yemen Strikes

Airstrikes currently focusing heavily against targets that generate funding sources for Islamic State By Robert Wall - Wall Street Journal DUBAI—The U.S. military is working with Middle East allies to head off a potential shortfall in precision weapons which are being heavily consumed in strikes on Islamic State targets and Yemen, senior U.S. Air Force officials said Tuesday. A key message regional allies have raised with U.S. officials is the need to replenish stocks of ammunitions and precision guided munitions, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said at the Dubai Air Show. “That’s one we are working pretty hard on,” she said. Precision guided munitions are “pretty popular” in airstrikes carried out by the U.S. and allies, said U.S. Air Forces Central Command, Lt. Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. The U.S. is taking steps to ensure it has the right weapons stocks. The Air Force also is trying to gauge future...

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Shortly before the Obama-Netanyahu summit, ISIS hit Americans in Jordan

DEBKAfile Special Report After the Islamic State succeeded in downing a Russian airliner that took off from Sharm El-Sheikh on October 31, causing the deaths of all 224 passengers and crew, the terrorist organization Monday, Nov. 9, put a US military target in its crosshairs. A captain in the Jordanian police opened fire in the cafeteria of the Special Operations Training Center outside the Jordanian capital, Amman, where American instructors train Iraqi troops to fight ISIS. Two trainers from the US, one from South Africa and two Jordanians were killed and another six wounded, including two more Americans and four Jordanians. The gunman was killed by Jordanian troops. The modus operandi resembled the “green on blue” insider attacks committed in Afghanistan by al Qaeda and Taliban “insiders” against American and British troops serving at the same base. Jordan’s Al-Rai newspaper identified the shooter as Anwar Abu Ubayd, but other news outlets said...

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Iranian Legislature Votes to Continue 'Death to America!'

'Spontaneous' chants of "Death to America!" during a speech by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Iranian legislators voted Tuesday to continue using the ubiquitous slogan, “Death to America!” despite the recent nuclear negotiations. As reported by the AFP, 192 Iranian lawmakers out of the 290-seat parliament released a statement reading, “The martyr-nurturing nation of Iran is not at all prepared to abandon the slogan of ‘Death to America’ under the pretext of a nuclear agreement.” The statement was published by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). The slogan is commonly chanted at Friday prayers in the country’s mosques and at government-organized protests. “The statement was issued two days before Iran’s commemoration of the start of the November 4, 1979 seizure of the US embassy in Tehran by radical Islamic students that led to a 444-day hostage crisis and a break in diplomatic relations between the two countries lasting up...

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