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A Trial in Europe Examines Iran’s Terror Ties


U.S. News & World Report

A Trial in Europe Examines Iran’s Terror Ties

The trial of an Iranian diplomat may expose Tehran’s diplomatic networks as agents of terror.

By Tom Ridge, Contributor

Nov. 3 will be an important date for the American people, since they will elect their next president. Another day in November that will be important in the context of the next presidency's battle against terrorism will be Nov. 27.

A trial is currently scheduled to begin in Belgium on that day for a senior sitting Iranian diplomat who was arrested as the mastermind behind what would have been one of the largest-ever terrorist attacks on European soil. Assadollah Assadi was stationed at the Iranian Embassy in Vienna in June 2018 when two Iranian-Belgian operatives allegedly attempted to carry 500 grams of TAPT high-explosives to a large international gathering of Iranian dissidents near Paris. It was later reported that Assadi had personally provided the couple with the explosives and a detonator in Luxembourg, thus confirming his intimate relationship to a plot that could have killed hundreds of people, wounding many more.

Alongside tens of thousands of Iranians from throughout the world, the target event was also attended by hundreds of international dignitaries, including lawmakers, scholars, military experts, and security professionals from the United States and Europe. Many of my colleagues were among a senior U.S. bipartisan delegation that took part in the event.

Full story https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2020-10-16/commentary-major-trial-in-europe-exposes-irans-terrorism

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