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Australia: Fake Suncorp Stadium, petrol station built at new counterterrorism centre


Brisbane Times

Fake Suncorp Stadium, petrol station built at new counter-terrorism centre

By Lydia Lynch

Fake Suncorp Stadium seating, a petrol station and shops have been built to help train police against a "probable" terror attack in Queensland.

The new counter-terrorism training centre at Wacol includes a "scenario village" fitted out with train carriages, a bus, an office block and a shopping plaza.

"We chose buildings where we have complex issues so they truly replicate where we have had issues in the past," Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

At capacity, the centre will host more than 7500 police and 600 recruits each year.

Australia's terrorism threat level remains at "probable" and was elevated in 2014 in the months before the G20 summit was held in Brisbane.

Since September 2014, there have been 16 major disruption operations in relation to imminent attack planning and seven terrorist attacks targeting people in Australia.

Full story https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/fake-suncorp-stadium-petrol-station-built-at-new-counter-terrorism-centre-20200928-p55zwm.html

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