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Georgia spa shootings: Suspect confesses, says he was not racially motivated


Georgia spa shootings: Suspect confesses, claims he was not racially motivated, sheriff says

By WSBTV.com News Staff

ATLANTA — Authorities said the suspect in the deadly rampage at three metro Atlanta spas targeted the businesses because he had “issues” with sexual addiction and had been planning to commit more shootings before he was captured.

The Cherokee County Sheriff said the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, claimed the shootings were not racially motivated. The sheriff described it as “targets of opportunity” and said Long told investigators he wanted to “eliminate the temptation.”

Channel 2′s Chris Jose learned that Long allegedly targeted businesses that he had been to before.

A total of eight people were killed and another was injured in Tuesday’s shootings in Atlanta and Cherokee County. The FBI has now joined in the investigation.

White House officials tell Channel 2 Action News that President Biden has been briefed on the “horrific” shootings and officials “have been in touch with the Mayor’s office and will remain in touch with the FBI.”

Long was captured in Crisp County, Georgia around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. Investigators interviewed him shortly after and say Long did not give indications that this was a hate crime, but said they are not ruling out that possibility completely.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said Long has been charged with four counts of murder and one count aggravated assault. The Atlanta Police Department has also charged Long with four counts of murder.

Full story https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta-spa-shootings-suspect-confesses-says-not-racially-motivated-sheriff-says/KSUOKEPYSJGIPE6LXDXBIVASHY/

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