Homeland Security Secretary Says It May Deploy Federal Troops Into Portland After Protest Fatality


Matt Perez, Forbes Staff

Following clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and a pro-Trump caravan that left one individual dead on Saturday night, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said on ABC's This Week on Sunday that "all options to continue to be on the table" regarding sending federal troops back to the city, in defiance of local leaders.

Key Facts

"I believe all options continue to be on the table, specifically as we talk about Portland," Wolf said, adding that the mayor and Oregon's governor "continue to refuse any type of federal assistance."

On August 28, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told Trump in a letter to "stay away" from the city, citing the controversial deployment of troops into Portland in July that fueled clashes with protesters as videos of federal law enforcement pulling people into unmarked vans went viral.

"Your offer to repeat that disaster is a cynical attempt to stoke fear and distract us from the real work of our city," Wheeler wrote, a day after Trump attempted to link the city to "Biden's America" as he falsely stated his November opponent for president, former Vice President Joe Biden, wants to defund law enforcement.

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