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New Zealand Tightens Terror Law After Recent IS-Linked Attack



New Zealand Tightens Terror Law After Recent IS-Linked Attack

By Colin Packham

Sept 30 (Reuters) - New Zealand passed a new security law on Thursday that outlaws preparations for terror attacks, closing a loophole exposed after seven people were stabbed and wounded this month in a supermarket in the most populous city of Auckland.

Amid heightened fears of "lone wolf" terror attacks, New Zealand has worked to beef up its laws, but rushed the new law through parliament after the Auckland attack, unleashed by an assailant authorities said had been inspired by Islamic State.

"The nature of terrorism has changed," Justice Minister Kris Faafoi said in an email. "Across the world there are more lone actors, rather than larger organised groups."

The measure pulls New Zealand's security laws in line with most other countries, he added.

It gives police the power of entry, search and surveillance without warrants in their efforts to prevent planning and preparation of terroristic acts and criminalises training in weapons or combat for such purposes.

Full story https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/new-zealand-tightens-terror-law-after-recent-is-linked-attack-2021-09-30/

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