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Taliban Attack On US Secret Base Raises Fear Of Pullout Deadline Violence

A base hosting military personnel working for the CIA was hit by rockets twice in March and Kandahar airfield was hit earlier this week

By Ben Farmer

A series of attacks on American bases in Afghanistan, including a secret spy base, have raised fears that the Taliban will step up assaults on US forces ahead of the May 1 deadline to pull out.

Rockets twice struck a base used by military personnel working for the CIA in eastern Afghanistan last month, CNN reported, in apparent breach of the US-Taliban withdrawal deal signed last year.

Kandahar airfield which is used by US and coalition troops supporting the Afghan forces was then hit earlier this week.

The attacks came as Joe Biden is reviewing whether to stick with the Doha deal signed by Donald Trump, under which all US troops should leave the country by the end of this month. The Taliban have stopped attacking US forces since the Doha deal and are believed to have privately agreed not to attack the departing troops.

Mr Biden has said pulling out with only weeks to go will be tough and American officials have asked the Taliban to accept an extension as they try to revive talks to get a political settlement. The president has also suggested a US counter-terrorism force could remain in the country.

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