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The Greatest Betrayal, David E. Sarfatti

By: David E. Sarfatti:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Rarely in history has the preeminent author of a signature act of duplicity been displaced from the pinnacle of timeless shame as Obama has now reduced Chamberlain. The prime minister’s descendants have been robbed of that special opprobrium attached to their name and his nation has been pushed from center stage into the shadows in this play of bad historical example. Munich has now been swept aside as the locus of the greatest geopolitical betrayal in favor of sleepy Lausanne.

Let us not be unfair, however. We should weigh the special advantages and handicaps of these contenders for the crown of shame. In 1938, an ill British prime minister was blessed to govern a small, and nearly bankrupt isle which only 20 years before had the signal advantage of having lost the better part of a generation in the war to end all wars. It had virtually no standing army and a navy which while saddled with many ships had the benefit of obsolescence. In 2015, America is the greatest military, economic, and scientific super-power the world has ever seen. We have not seen a foreign invader since 1812 nor a battle on our soil in 150 years. These circumstances presented a great obstacle to our president in his quest for ultimate shame through the unforced betrayal of an ally. Yet, with persistence and political savvy he heroically overcame these hurdles to snatch the crown. 

But perhaps we haven’t fully examined the environment of 1938 versus today and further underestimate Chamberlain’s opportune advantages, and ignore the sand bags attached to Obama's feet . Germany was fully rearmed with the latest fighter planes and tanks, and after absorbing Austria, the nation was completely enthralled with this military genius who could gain territory without firing a shot. In contrast, Obama faces a nation living in the 7th century, having no homegrown technological base, that is crippled by sanctions against its single devalued commercial asset, and that has aging and second rate military hardware. Amazingly, Obama still prevailed ! How much the greater is his victory.

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