Clarion Project

What Will It Take to Rein In the Violence?

Far Right groups face off with Antifa amid more violence

by Meira Svirsky

Antifa faced off with two Far Right groups this weekend as well as exacted violence in Brooklyn and Portland, where they stormed a residential neighborhood.

In Georgia, local news reported that outside of Stone Mountain, demonstrating militias were confronted by counterprotesters. Both groups were armed with guns and neither one had applied for a protest permit.

Park officials said a Far Right group out of Alabama, the “3 Percenters,” applied for a permit but were denied because of past violence. The group, which claims its ideology is to defend the Constitution, said they were there to defend the local Confederate monument.

After heated shouting, the two groups began shoving each other and fights erupted. At that point, police and a SWAT team moved in, stopping the violence but making no arrests.

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