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The Remington 870 Express Upgrade Build Gun Carry Review

Command Arms Accessories- Remington 870 Express upgrade build.    When you talk to the average guy about shotguns there are two models that generally come up; the Mossberg  500 and the Remington 870. Both are classic, super reliable, time tested pump shotguns. Many years ago I decided I wanted to build a tactical shotgun.  At the time, I wanted an over the top folding stock, due to the location of the safety I chose the 870 express.      If you choose to buy a Remington 870 and feel a tactical transformation could be in the future; I urge you to look for an older gun. About 15 years ago Remington decided to add a small protrusion to the end of the magazine tube. This change prevents shells from passing beyond that point. So if you want a higher shell capacity you will need an older gun or a Dremel tool.  ...

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The Internet of Things, smart cities and what both mean to DHS


Chuck Brooks, Sutherland Government Solutions Last week both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security warned of risks associated with the emerging Internet of Things, or those devices that are readable, recognizable, locatable and controllable via the Internet. Certainly, there are many risks inherent with so many objects connected to networks, but there are also many smart technologies that can enhance security and DHS’s mission to protect the nation. In public safety, sensors and embedded security systems, including surveillance cameras, are becoming a norm. In 2005 in London, closed-circuit TV cameras helped lead to the identification of suspects who carried out the attack on London's subway and bus systems. More recently, the identification of the Boston bombing suspects were assisted via security-camera images.  Because of the limitations of personnel to constantly patrol areas of cities, surveillance monitoring by video and acoustic devices have enabled law enforcement to magnify their reach...

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What if 1 percent of 10,000 refugees declare Jihad?

Chad Groening OneNewsNow.com A national defense analyst calls it an outrage that the Obama administration brings in an estimated six Muslim refugees for every one Christian refugee – and relies on the United Nations to scrutinize them.  "Invariably some of these people are going to be radicalized. They have views that are contrary to our culture," says Bob Maginnis, a senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council. The Obama administration recently announced that it will allow at least 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States, a response to the flood of migrants pouring into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. But the media has also pointed out that radical Muslims, including ISIS terrorists, are among those making their way through European countries. OneNewsNow, citing European media, reported last week that Hungarian authorities arrested a known ISIS terrorist at its border. At almost the same time an Iraqi-born...

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ISIS How to survive in the west


Read Article: /intranet/ClientFiles/Client645/Images/ISIS-How-to-survive-in-the-west.pdf

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August Terror Snapshot


See PDF: /intranet/ClientFiles/Client645/Images/August Terror Snapshot.pdf

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Winchester "W" Ammunition Review