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Beware 'stealth jihad' in America

By Paul Bremmer In today’s increasingly dangerous world, many Americans are on alert for the next terrorist attack by a Muslim jihadist. But when it comes to the radical Islamic threat to the American homeland, there’s much more to be concerned about than simply terrorism, warns David Kupelian, journalist and bestselling author of “The Snapping of the American Mind.” “Since September 11, 2001, everybody has been focused on terrorism – buildings coming down, fears of biological and chemical weapons attacks, and we do have occasional attacks,” Kupelian said during a recent guest appearance on “The Glazov Gang” Internet TV show. “But while that’s going on and distracting our attention, there is another front in this war. I describe it in the book as a two-front war, and the second front is the stealth front.” Acknowledging that not all Muslims are jihadists, Kupelian nevertheless observed that Islam has a brutally violent history. He...

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Spy vs. Spy: Inside the Fraying U.S.- Israel Ties

  Distrust set allies to snoop on each other after split over Iran nuclear deal; each kept secrets By Adam Entous - WSJ The U.S. closely monitored Israel’s military bases and eavesdropped on secret communications in 2012, fearing its longtime ally might try to carry out a strike on Fordow, Iran’s most heavily fortified nuclear facility. Nerves frayed at the White House after senior officials learned Israeli aircraft had flown in and out of Iran in what some believed was a dry run for a commando raid on the site. Worried that Israel might ignite a regional war, the White House sent a second aircraft carrier to the region and readied attack aircraft, a senior U.S. official said, “in case all hell broke loose.” The two countries, nursing a mutual distrust, each had something to hide. U.S. officials hoped to restrain Israel long enough to advance negotiations on a nuclear deal with...

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Somali, Iraqi, Syrian and Afghani Refugee Resettlement in the United States

"The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, under the influence of a powerful Muslim group the Organization of the Islamic Conference, is behind influx of refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be from Syria, just to name a few..." Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

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ISIS will 'Inevitably' Gain and Use Weapons of Mass Destruction

By The Clarion Project The former commander of Britain's chemical, biological and nuclear weapons regiment said ISIS will eventually launch such an attack. It is inevitable the Islamic State will acquire and use weapons of mass destruction, according to the former head of the British Army’s nuclear team. Dr. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon was formerly commander of Britain’s Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) regiment. He told the Global Resilience Conference in London it is “only a matter of time” before ISIS launches an attack on a major city with weapons of mass destruction. “ISIS have made it known they want to acquire weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “They run a sophisticated and successful psychological warfare campaign and are now basing that on CBRN weaponry – the ultimate weapon in the terrorist arsenal.” According to Bretton-Gordon, the Islamic State already possesses chemical weapons such as mustard gas. They also have limited amounts...

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Nearly 80% of Russia's Syria strikes don't target ISIS