Basic & Power Handcuffing

Basic & Power Handcuffing BASIC AND POWER HANDCUFFING - Training experts first take viewers through the basics of handcuffing. Includes a demonstration by Brad Inman. The training then moves to the more advanced power cuffing techniques. Field proven alternatives to prone cuffing are taught.

1st Response To Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 1

1st Response To Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 1 FIRST RESPONSE TO ARMED AND BARRICADED SITUATIONS PART 1 - Trains in dealing with the 4 most common kinds of barricaded situations. Teaches the first responder the three elements that most effect communication with a hostage taker. Safe crisis resolution is the focus

Serving Search Warrants

Serving Search Warrants SERVING SEARCH WARRANTS - ALERT rode with the Palm Beach county entry team as they executed search warrants. Included are the "chalk talks" prior to raids. Live footage of several raids included. Various distraction devices are employed in the entries.

DVD Firearms

DVD Firearms

First Response to Armed and Barricaded Situations, Basic and Power Handcuffing, Close Quarter Cuffing Techniques, Special Response Teams training