For thousands of years darkness was the ally of inferior forces. Over fifty years ago, that all changed with ITT Night Vision. morovision-nepvs-14Now, you can turn night into day with the Night Enforcer PVS-14. Handheld, helmet/head-mounted, weapons mounted, and camera adaptable, the NEPVS-14's versatility will increase your situational awareness, survivability, and operational capabilities. The Exelis Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14 is equipped with Exelis’ Gen 3 Pinnacle® thin-filmed tube technology. This enhanced image intensifying tube improves clarity and resolution, and allows for a seamless transition while operating in any environment. Exelis, formerly ITT Night Vision, has provided more Generation 3 night vision systems to our US military and allies around the world than all of its competitors combined. Morovision is the authorized Night Enforcer distributor for Exelis.