NEXTORCH: The Best Just Got Better - The World’s First Smart Torch

When LED technology entered the flashlight industry to become the main-stream light source, not only did it improve energy efficiency dramatically, but also it brought with it the possibility of mode functionality. Propelled by the potential of these advancements in LED technology, NEXTORCH heard customer demands for more innovative and practical products. In 2011 NEXTORCH’s product development team patented a new Smart Torch Technology (STT) and this is used in the myTorch flashlight products. With STT, users can personalize the mode settings for various applications, unlimited modes possible. NEXTORCH’s rechargeable flashlights with STT make it even easier for the better light to be a bigger part of just about everything you do, truly the World’s First Smart Light.

Various modes enable flashlights to be used for different applications. High output modes can be used for outdoor sports activities, such as hiking and running, while low output modes can be applied for camping and reading; also S.O.S. modes can be utilized in emergency situations, whereas law enforcement officers may employ strobe functions for self-defense or counter strike purposes. Depending on how a NEXTORCH flashlight is used, while some may prefer a single mode or a few modes, more and more users have been realizing the benefits of having multiple modes, and some users may even need various different modes at different times. No matter what your requirements are, NEXTORCH flashlight can make all this happen, whereever and whenever you need it.
Product lines
• NEXTORCH including flashlights, headlamps and flashlight accessories

Facts and Figures
• Number of retail outlets carrying NEXTORCH products in the USA: 800+
• Number of foreign markets: 30+
• Company owned manufacturing facilities: China
• Sales office and distribution center locations: USA, China, Sweden
• Number of employees: 500+ employees plus 60+ sales representatives
• Number of SKU’s for flashlight lights and accessories: 150+
• Number of flashlights sold since 2005 worldwide: 1,500,000

ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 Standard:
The U.S.A. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 Flashlight Basic Performance Standard. It is the first and most recognizable flashlight industry standard worldwide, and it introduces definitions and testing methods for flashlight basic performance as well as associated marking. At NEXTORCH we are proud that our products strictly follow its guidelines to guarantee product quality.

PLATO - Portable Lights American Trade Organization was formed in 2010 by companies involved in the manufacture and sale of portable lighting tools. Core members and partners include: Surefire, Streamlight, Panasonic, Energizer, ASP, 511, Nextorch:
• Helps to enforce the accurate and transparent use of industry standards, commit to uphold the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard.
• Assists in developing other industry product and safety standards.
• Helps guard against false advertising and similar unfair trade practices in the industry.
• Provides an educational forum for members and supply educational materials.
• Represents the industry to the public and to the government.

NEXTORCH designs and manufactures the better flashlight and other high end portable lighting solutions. NEXTORCH delivers what it promises, and has done so since its inception in 2005. This means superior products and services for its customers. This is NEXTORCH’s pride and its passion. From this commitment, to deliver what NEXTORCH promises, customers, industry and government bodies, as well as media worldwide have recognized and acknowledged its products and its brand name. The NEXTORCH range of flashlight products is distributed in over 30 countries and it has not stopped there. NEXTORCH lights are used by law enforcement officers, outdoors enthusiasts, hunters, explorers, industry professionals, do-it-yourselfers and, of course, families like yours and ours. Simply put, NEXTORCH delivers the most advanced lighting technology and battery efficiency. NEXTORCH products are innovative, compact, intelligent and handsome, in other words, the lighting solution that works.

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