(CMK™) Is 1st Online Kit customization

CMK™ is proud to be the first online a-la-cart store to offer its users access to hundreds of products to fulfill their industry specific kit requirements.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) February 21, 2013 -- Training and proper tools are imperative to any trade, but no profession's access to tools and training is as important to the well being of us all as that of medical first responders and laypersons with medical training. Medical kits outfitted with appropriate devices are usually premade and expensive, and most medics find themselves searching for items on multiple websites, paying multiple shipping fees, and searching for product training videos. PerSys Medical based in Houston, Texas now offers™ (CMK™), an all-inclusive site for building cost effective and customizable medical kits that provides kit building tips, product training, and product reviews. is opening a new market space that will allow users to purchase products from various manufacturers via a simple online store that is accessible on any device. Users can view online kit building and
product training videos, establish memberships that will provide access to medical studies, member discounts, and specialized training videos.

"We're very proud to offer a new this service to the medical community," says Dee Williams, PerSys Medical Director of Government Sales. "Our hope is that it will prove to be a strong and relevant product and
information resource. We understand the need for cost effective medical kits and feel CMK™ is the solution, offering products that are relevant to all industries at the right price. is for prepers to build their medical kits. is ideal for families,1st responders, & search & rescue medical kit replenishment and building. is where law enforcement can enhance their tactical medicine kits.

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About PerSys Medical
CMK™ is a division of PerSys Medical. PerSys Medical headquartered in Houston, Texas, supplies militaries, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, hospitals, and search and rescue facilities with life-saving medical innovations and training. Such products include The Emergency Bandage® (a.k.a. The Israeli Bandage®), the Pocket BVM™, Blizzard Protection™ (Hypothermia Prevention), and The Bone Injection Gun™ (B.I.G.). As part of its global commitment, the products that PerSys brings into the medical market have become the standard worldwide.

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