The Mako Group increases stock of Meprolight Optical Sights to meet the expanding needs of US gun dealers and shooters.

Farmingdale, New York,– The Mako Group, a leading distributor of unique weapon accessories and holsters, plus EOD and breaching products, has increased its stock of Meprolight Optical sights for tactical weapons, to meet a growing demand in the USA market.

Products available from The Mako Group meet the needs of Special Forces units, military, law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams, security organizations, and civilian weapons enthusiasts. Meprolight Optical Sights are standard issue for the Israeli Defense Forces.

According to Shay Granov, The Mako Group Vice President of Business Development, “We have seen the American market become increasingly aware of the unique features and benefits provided by Meprolight tactical sights that are not matched by any other optical sights. As a result, in 2013 we expect to see triple-digit growth in the demand for Meprolight sights in the United States. We are ramping up to meet that demand.

Meprolight is an International Electro-Optics company that has been developing, manufacturing and marketing systems for infantry, armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian markets since 1990. The company provides comprehensive solutions with a wide array of combat-proven products: Electro-optical and optical sights and devices, night vision devices, thermal sights, and other tritium and LED illuminated products and accessories for safety and security applications.

Mepro M21 Self-Powered Day/Night Reflex Sight with Dust Cover

The M21 Reflex sight provides constant, all-light aiming capability, without batteries. Designed through close collaboration with Israeli Special Forces, the M21 was the first reflex sight in the world designed for close quarter combat, and it has been continuously improved upon as new technology emerged, making it one of the most advanced sights available today. It is also available with a dust cover and carry handle mount.

Mepro MOR Tri-Powered Reflex Sight with Laser Designators 

Mepro MOR is an all-in-one electro-optical sight. Illumination is powered by ambient light during daylight, by tritium during darkness, and by battery power when needed to overcome difficult lighting situations. It includes built-in visible and IR laser designators. Both lasers and the reticle are zeroed simultaneously using one zero system. 

Mepro GLS is a dual self-illuminated optical sight proven to produce the highest first-shot hit rate of any grenade launcher sight available. It mounts on a Picatinny top rail – alone or behind a reflex sight – or can be mounted onto a side adapter (9 o’clock). It has both windage and elevation adjustments. During the day, a light collector tube concentrates available ambient light into a dot and projects it onto the sight lens. At night, a small tritium light source energizes the dot. An elevation scale is very dimly illuminated during darkness by an additional tritium light source. 

About Meprolight

Meprolight’s headquarters, design and manufacturing facilities are located in Israel. All of Meprolight’s products undergo meticulous quality assurance according to international standards, and are fully certified to ISO-9001:2008. They also comply with NATO and US military specifications and International MIL Standards. Meprolight is a part of the SK GROUP.

About The Mako Group

In addition to its line of Meprolight optical sights, The Mako Group also offers FAB DEFENSE accessories for tactical weapons, and an extensive selection of Front Line holsters for tactical, on-duty and private carry.

Because the products distributed by The Mako Group have been specifically requested and used by the Israel Defense Force (IDF), Israeli Police, and Security Agencies, they have seen extensive real-world combat with some of the most elite forces in the world. Few distributors can make this claim about their products. These are true combat-proven weapon accessories.

The Mako Group is managed by former military, Secret Service and Special Forces operatives that have tested, used, and relied on such equipment to preserve their lives and the lives of others.

The Mako Group has a liberal Test and Evaluation (T&E) program in place, with policies that make it simple for publishers, editors and writers to obtain equipment for stories and articles.

The Mako Group is a Registered Contractor to the US Department of Defense.

For more information, contact The Mako Group, 1 Lenox Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735,  631-880-3396, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit