Security Solutions International SSI tm is honored to announce that the Leon County Sheriff's Office will be hosting The Counter Terrorist Magazine’s 7th Annual Homeland Professionals Conference at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, November 5th-7th.

Security Solutions International SSI tm is honored to announce that the Leon County Sheriff's Office
will be hosting The Counter Terrorist Magazine’s 7th Annual Homeland Professionals Conference at the
Gaylord Palms in Orlando, November 5th-7th.

One of the most proactive agencies in Florida decides to officially host the conference, after years of
working with SSI in training to counter terrorism and crime.

“We are happy to contribute the recognition that this conference deserves by hosting,” states Sheriff
Larry Campbell of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. “We are also looking forward to the invitation to our
people to attend, and to provide one of the speakers for the conference. Our people have been to the
last few conferences and there is no better source of information for the professional.”

This year’s conference is dedicated to the partnership between the public and private sectors. As
many as eight outstanding national speakers – with reputations forged through their own experience
in fighting crime and terrorism ‒ will be giving Homeland Security First Responders and security
professionals from all industries and services the benefit of their experience.

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Security Solutions International (SSI) has helped more than 1,000 federal, state, and local agencies by
training to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the asymmetrical threat of organized crime, gangs, drug
cartels, terrorist organizations, disease, and natural disasters since 2004. Please visit our client list and
testimonial section, and let your colleagues tell you that we deliver only hands-on, real-time experts and
carefully selected products to support First Responders in their difficult homeland security mission.

Security Solutions International also provides the professional First Responder community with the
leading media in the field as the publishers of The Counter Terrorist Magazine, The Counter Terrorist
Newsletter, webinars, and interactive learning, as well as the Annual Homeland Security Professionals
Conference – the central event on the First Responder calendar.


With a reputation forged by hard work and determination to empower homeland security warriors,
Security Solutions International is proud to offer The Counter Terrorist Magazine.

The Counter Terrorist is the world’s premier informational journal for law enforcement, intelligence, and
special operations professionals; our mission is to provide operators with relevant information in order
to combat terrorism at home and abroad.

See why The Counter Terrorist is already the favorite journal for many of your teammates. This
magazine brings you writers with operational experience covering such topics as:
- Terrorist tactics, techniques, and procedures
- Terrorist organizations and individuals

- Organized crime, gangs, and spree crimes of national significance
- Policing and security operations
- Border security
- Military counterterrorism and counterinsurgency
- Emergency and medical services
- Technology and science
- Propaganda
- Cultural study


The Leon County Sheriff's Office has teamed up with the North Florida Regional Domestic Security Task
Forces as partners in creating the Business Owners against Terrorism ("BOAT") Program. This initiative
will provide local businesses with the tools necessary to protect their assets and help safeguard the
citizens and visitors of Florida. The Business Owners against Terrorism program was created by the Task
Force to educate local business owners about the threats of terrorism that they may encounter every
day. Visit
for more information on the BOAT program and to view training videos for 5 major business categories
that may be targeted by terrorists.

Leon County is 670 square miles of land that is home to the capital city of the State of Florida. The 2010
census reports that the population of Leon County was 275,487. Leon County is home to the heads of
Florida’s state government and hosts the legislative session each year as well.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office employs 661 sworn, non-sworn and civilian employees and provides
a full range of law enforcement services, including law enforcement operations, court security, civil
process and warrant operations, prevention and resource, corrections and homeland security. The Leon
County Sheriff’s Office is an accredited agency achieving accreditation in law enforcement, jail and jail
medical operations. Accreditation is a voluntary process which ensures the citizens of Leon County that
state recognized standards and best practices are met each and every day at the Leon County Sheriff’s
Office. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office operates on an annual budget of approximately 62 million

Following the terror attacks in September 2001, Florida Governor Jeb Bush appointed fourteen co-chairs
to seven newly created regional domestic security task forces. Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell is
the only original co-chair remaining. Sheriff Campbell continues to be actively involved with homeland
security and the domestic security task force. LCSO has a 25 man regional SWAT Team that serves the
13 counties of Region 2. LCSO also maintains a 10 man regional waterborne response unit. LCSO is
also responsible for administrating, managing and disseminating millions of federal dollars to the law
enforcement agencies of Florida’s RDSTF Region 2.